President Lukashenko: Garlyk plant construction shows the world Belarus' capabilities

President Lukashenko: Garlyk plant construction shows the world Belarus' capabilities

The construction of the Garlyk mining and processing plant in Turkmenistan is a strong statement to the world about Belarus' capabilities, said the President March 28 meeting with the head of the Upper House of the Belarus Parliament.

Mikhail Myasnikovich was in charge of this project from the very beginning. The construction of the complex has already been completed. Garlyk Mining Plant is key to the economic and trade cooperation between Belarus and Turkmenistan. It is the largest project in terms of the export of services. It is expected that it will produce up to 1.5 million tonnes of potash fertilizers annually.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
In the coming days I will visit Turkmenistan at the invitation of the President. There, we are finishing a huge construction project. We have built a mining and processing plant that will extract potash fertilizers. And as was informed that we've got first products. We have finally mastered this production, given that the USSR did not dare to undertake this project, in Soviet times, when research was underway there. It was a very sophisticated technology in connection with the subsoils there. But we did it. So we have solid technologies in this regard.

It is a signal to the world that Belarus can open any mine and mine not only potash fertilizers, but any minerals using the mining method, not to mention open-pit mining.

Therefore, it was a very important project for us, and it is good that we have completed it.

Mikhail Myasnikovich, Chairman of the Council of the Republic National Assembly of Belarus: 
This is a unique facility. It was not possible to build a similar one during the Soviet era. We, Belarusians, created it in the desert, actually at the intersection of Uzbekistan and Afghanistan. This is a powerful plant, which corresponds to the latest technologies. And it will be (I'm not afraid of this word) key for Central Asian countries.

The presidents of Belarus and Turkmenistan will officially launch the Garlyk mining and processing plant on Friday. Alexander Lukashenko will go to that country on March 28 to stay for several days.

On Thursday the two presidents will hold talks. Also, the two leaders will take part in the opening ceremony of a complex of buildings of the Belarusian Embassy in Turkmenistan.