Public security monitoring system may be established in Belarus

Public security monitoring system may be established in Belarus

A public security monitoring system in Belarus would improve law and order and help optimize the structure of the relevant state bodies. On March 27, the head of state discussed with officials a draft decree to establish such a system.

Currently, Belarus has a fragmented system of video monitoring, which is subject to different agencies and organizations. This makes control more difficult. A unified system would significantly automate the processes and increase efficiency. The government proposed to attract investment for its creation.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
Similar systems operate in many countries and have already shown their effectiveness. It is obvious that such a system in Belarus would increase the level of law enforcement by implementing automated processes that detect a variety of threatening events and analyze incoming information. In addition, it will provide an opportunity to free a significant number of employees and resources involved in their respective fields. That is, we can optimize the structure of specific public bodies, which we are doing now, by the way. We already have the existing video surveillance system; there are telecommunications networks and appropriate equipment. The question is what we lack in this system, what other opportunities we get after we commission this new system. Why not creating this system under the auspices of a public authority, which will become the owner of the relevant resources? Maybe you will present some additional arguments in favor of your proposal to concentrate it all in the hands of a private operator. If there are not enough equipment, you need to say what this equipment is and how much money we need. But the present-day system needs to be optimized and not only. It is necessary to make it as modern as possible so that we could get the most out of it.

A public security monitoring system will automatically analyze the video signal in real time, and therefore allow reacting to events immediately.

In addition to surveillance equipment, this system will include detectors of smoke, explosives, drugs, and radioactive substances, as well as boast other modern technical features.

The draft decree provides for the creation of a centralized archive from which the necessary information can be retrieved. Data will be transmitted through a single nationwide network.

Igor Shunevich, Minister of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Belarus:
This will drastically boost public security capabilities, including in the fight against crime and a variety of adverse natural phenomena. Private businesses or partnerships of owners (with regard to premises) will be able to get cameras and connect to this system to ensure safe life, work and so on.

Following the meeting, the President instructed to modify some points in the draft decree. First of all, it concerns the practical part, for example, the choice of the operator.