Employment in Belarus. Why enterprising people always find job

Employment in Belarus. Why enterprising people always find job

Safety is the foundation of society, on which you can build economic, social and cultural walls and the political roof should be placed on top. Peace and tranquility allow thinking about income, health, which no income can buy, the family, education, and about the work you love. Sometimes thoughts are only about work. It happens too. In tough economic times, the value of a job increases. People are different: some find their own use but others need help and the state is ready. After all, we are not living in wild capitalism. Anastasia Benedisyuk plunged into people's stories.

He was chief economist at an oil company, but now he is working with... clay.

Ivan Kovalev, director of a souvenir plant:
The employment center offered something I could do. They assisted me a little.

Here we have an art site. Here are the most beautiful products. Before, some national souvenirs stood here and now piggy banks.

Ivan decided to retire on his own. He returned to his native town and went to a labor exchange office. The office did not offer anything decent. But the district administration has found a solution. The tourist place (famous Mir Castle is nearby) needed a souvenir shop. With the financial assistance of the regional executive committee former economist Kovalev opened a factory.

Ivan Kovalev, director of a souvenir plant:
The hardest part was to build a site for clay preparation on our own, so that this clay is among the best in Belarus.

It is easy to retrain if a person has a desire, says Ivan. Today, his products are sold at many tourist sites of the country and even department stores.

Ivan Kovalev:
We started production with 15 people, today we have about 40 people, even more. Now we have some graduates working here too.

This is Minsk Gear Plant. After the technical university diploma Edward decided to serve in the army but due to health reasons he was only accepted to the reserves. The man looked for a job for some time.

Edward Selevich, engineer of logistics, Minsk Geer Plant:
I wanted to find this very place and I have found it. Salary is quite decent for the start.

There are prospects for career advancement at this plant. Edward's colleague has been working here for four years and has received four promotions.

Oleg Dobrovolsky, Head of Logistics of Minsk Gear Plant:
I am satisfied with this person, he works at 110%. Before this young man I considered probably another five candidates. People come but they are reluctant to work.

And this is Novopolotsk, the oil town of Belarus. It now has 400 vacancies and 600 applicants.

Philologist Victoria Podgornova could not find a job for over a year. She graduated from administrator courses. But on February 1, the woman finally found what she was looking for.

Victoria Podgornova, administrator in a hotel complex:
The worst is the age limit for this job. Unfortunately, I faced this. The uppermost ceiling is 35 years.

And this job fair does not have any age ceilings. Such fairs are now held on a weekly basis and everywhere. And despite the fact that only officially unemployed are invited to these fairs, anyone can come here, it's not forbidden. In one of Minsk's districts, there are 400 vacancies and salary reaches BYN1,000.

Maksim Kokhovich:
For those unemployed it is very important. You don't have to sit on the Internet searching for a job. You just come here and here they are, your potential jobs. You're welcome! Grab them and be happy.

Katerina Kovrova, after looking for a job, decided to become an employer herself. With a minimum capital and without economic education the girl opened her own family center. She now offers cooking classes, workshops and exercises for weight loss. Even dog therapists work here.

Katerina Kovrova, psychologist, director of a family center:
I cannot say that your business lets you stop. People choose your center among similar offers because you have a name and high reputation and offer quality services.

Katerina also runs a social workshop. This is for former alcohol addicts who undergo social and labor rehabilitation here. Today, 15 of her former "wards" live soberly, four children returned to their families, there was even a wedding here and one couple now expects the first-born.

Katerina Kovrova:
This is all done by the hands of people who a year ago were unemployed, had debts to the state, and their children were in social shelters, because mom and dad could not take those kids due to their illness.

As you can see the factor in finding your favorite job is your own desire and knowing what you really like doing.