Chronicle of terrorist attack in London and its consequences


Chronicle of terrorist attack in London and its consequences

Let's start with today's events of a European scale. Still, we live in Europe. "Red Day" and "Black Saturday" at the same time were expected on March 25 in Rome. There gathered the heads of 27 countries in honor of the 60th anniversary of the treaty that laid the foundations of the European Union. They signed a reassuring declaration, saying that the EU should live and be able to survive even without the UK.

The policymakers were photographed with smiles on their faces. But there was also caution in connection with large-scale protests of anarchists and all sorts of eurosceptics. Five thousand police officers were involved in security activities. The recent terrorist attack in London of course added fuel to the fire.

Britain ignored the Rome summit. To celebrate the EU's birth, which the kingdom leaves due to dissatisfaction with it, is at least silly. However, the tragic events in London forced the country's leadership to focus on domestic issues.

The flags at half-mast and candles on Westminster Bridge resemble about the recent terrorist attack that took place in the heart of London. They were lit by locals in memory of the victims of the terrible terrorist attack.

Events here developed very rapidly. An SUV drove onto the sidewalk and began to ram pedestrians. After that, the driver turned to the parliament building and attacked the police with a knife. One of law enforcement officers was killed. The attacker was shot by law enforcement officers who rushed to help their colleague.

A resident of London:
The perpetrators must be punished. I'm not going to change my lifestyle and it's all because of them.

The attack was organized by a 52-year-old Briton, Khalid Masood. Police knew about him, but violations were not connected with terrorism. Now the secret services are trying to find out that was the starting point for the attack.

Meanwhile, searches are underway in London and Birmingham.

Mark Rowley, head of Scotland Yard's counter-terrorism department:
The purpose of our investigation is to find out the motives of the crime and to understand how the attacker: whether he acted alone or had accomplices. We have arrested several people. We will continue to conduct searches and detentions.

On the background of the attack in London, experts began to talk about a new method of terrorism: solo attacks. Thus criminals often use cars for attacks. Such cars filled with weapons roll freely in different countries. Such cars were seen not only in London but also in the terrorist attacks in Berlin and Nice. For example, after the attack in France, security forces found firearms and grenades in the car. These weapons were ready for use. The driver was protected by armored glass.

A car with arms has recently been seen in Antwerp, Belgium. Inside, police found several pistols, knives and an unknown substance. Fortunately, the police were able to stop the car in time, just when it tried to enter the pedestrian street.

Prior to this incident, London remained an impregnable fortress for terrorists. Such attacks were not seen here for 12 years. Apparently, it's time to improve defense. To enhance national security, an additional several million pounds will be allocated and a special committee will be created in the parliament.

Theresa May, British Prime Minister:
We have increased the number of police officers in London and across the country as a whole. I want everyone to understand: any attempt to encroach on our values ​​is doomed to failure.