President Lukashenko: Belarusians want to live in peace and bring their children up, nobody needs war


President Lukashenko: Belarusians want to live in peace and bring their children up, nobody needs war

President Lukashenko spoke about the public security. The Belarusian President is a supporter of an open dialogue with the public and open doors even at the meetings on the most topical issues.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of the Republic of Belarus:
I support one certain point of view that Belarus needn’t hide anything from anyone. And as far as it is possible, the worrying issues for the Belarusian society must be discussed openly. Certainly, this cannot but worry the government. There is another factor. I mean the unnecessary writings, when on the eve of some event s, unwished for the authorities, the authorities begin frightening someone. Some have fey ideas. However, I want to tell these people, that authorities today aren’t afraid of anything today.

Tourists visiting Belarus speak about the clean night streets without criminals. These are the brands of Belarus. Belarus is also among the top ten countries with a high security level.

Alexander Lukashenko:
When you live in a peaceful country, in quiet Minsk, where the streets are spotlessly clean, when you see mothers with their children calmly walking in the streets of Minsk with prams, on pavements, somewhere far beyond the center of the capital everyone is feeling happy. The do not only feel happy, but everything else is fine. You know. It takes effort to have it all.

Belarus is a country where all-out corruption, power of the criminal world, dictatorship of world corporations, territorial problems and military conflicts do not exist. Not many countries have such conditions.

However, it happened so that security in Belarus was discussed this whole week. Everything started from a hard Monday of border officers.

As many as five nonroutine detentions.

Alexander Lukashenko:
I cannot recollect in my mind as many as five major accidents. There are small accidents as well. Somebody was caught, somebody was wounded, and others were captured. Belarus has about 5,000 kilometers of border line with Russia. There are enough of cases on the border like this. Being a border officer myself in the past, I understand it quite well. As soon as the fifth column started showing some action, many wishing to create a flareup in Belarus appeared. You must understand that there aren’t hundreds of thousands of people like this in the world, but there are thousands of them. There are specialists who carry out provocation acts. Surely, they are controlled by special forces of some states; they need to revolt the country. Is the target to destroy the authorities and make the President leave his post? What for? He doesn’t let divide the country. Do you understand? Factories can’t be pocketed, you can’t do this, and you can’t do that, it also concerns the private ownership of land.

Trespassers tried storming the external border, they have been neutralized. However, the barriers of law are being crossed inside the country as well. This web of provocations has already been destroyed.

Alexander Lukashenko:
Ukrainians are the same people as Belarusians are. However, the things we saw fascinated us. Why? Because these provocateurs are usually in demand in the hot spots. It was them who were shooting and firing up the crowd. When a person was wounded or shot then they started panicking, then all this pushing of people began. People are angry, they are angry at one another. Just like a snowball they start expressing their dissatisfaction. Then a person is given arms. From a knife and ending with light weapons and then this person is a gunman. An ordinary person, who came to demand something for himself.

President Lukashenko visited a couple of plants this week. People are worried about the situation in Belarus.

Alexander Lukashenko:
Belarusians want to live in peace and bring up their children. Nobody wants war. I cannot allow for it to happen. I cannot allow it being me President of Belarus. I’ll be the first in line together with my relatives fighting for the country. But no one will desecrate Belarus.

First the Government is discredited, the people are provoked, and then there are riotous disturbances and a threat to national security.

Alexander Lukashenko:
Belarus carries out an honest and sincere policy. Sorry for not being modest, but I have always thought so and in certain circles I express my hope that Belarusians in the future will have such authorities as they do today. We haven’t burgled the country and haven’t pulled the country apart into pieces. We didn’t’ give away properties, even though many from beyond wish to do so. The government carried out the policy which was promised during the presidential elections.

President Lukashenko spoke about only some facts of trying to destabilize the situation in Belarus.

Alexander Lukashenko:
We will strictly follow the observation of law and the Constitution. We are not shutting anyone up, but every wrong movement will be strictly suppressed. Belarus today is capable of maintaining peace inside the country. We are not afraid of anything or anyone, because people sitting at this very table, 100% of them have village roots connected with land and they know the value of life on this land.

The talks with provocateurs and radicals will be short and clear, as the articles of the Constitution are, the guarantor of which is the President. And the spring sky above Belarus will stay without cold smoke.