Alexander Lukashenko: I cannot allow the Ukrainian scenario repeat in Belarus


Alexander Lukashenko: I cannot allow the Ukrainian scenario repeat in Belarus

During his working trip to Grodno region Alexander Lukashenko spoke about different political forces trying to disjoin Belarusians.

President Lukashenko got acquainted with the spring sowing season with the reconstruction of Minsk-Grodno motorway, with the technologies of poultry refinery and also made some very important statements.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of the Republic of Belarus:
The main task for you together with the governors is quality. Ask MTZ, MAZ and BelAZ about special quality. Perfect quality is needed. It is better to have fewer units but of better in quality.

Agrarians have good forecasts for the harvesting season if the weather doesn’t let them down. Everything else is up to the machinery.

Mikhail Rusyi, Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Belarus:
Foodstuffs costing $4.2 billion were exported in 2016. If we look at January-February of 2017, we can see an increment of 130-135% in different directions. Both in the price and volume factors.

Alexander Lukashenko:
I want you to get things right. When I said that everyone needs to have a job by May 1, I meant that you need to offer a job to everyone. And if they don't want to work, then put them onto the list. Then we'll be deciding what to do with such people. This does not mean that we will create new working places by May 1. But I just spur you all so that you offer people jobs in a correct way. And there are a lot of working places in villages today. Take a bus, a team, gather people. You know what works you need. Get these people into the bus and take them into the forest. They will work during the day, feed them and bring home. They will work for two days and then will have two days off. Here you go, that's your salary.

The new turkey production plant near Lida offers an average salary of BYN 850. During the year the Lithuanian investor created more than 50 working places.

Vidmantas Kučinskas, investor (Lithuania):
We already export probably 70% or 80%. But at first we would like this product to win hearts of Belarusians. However, the export volume is very big. We have already begun to build new farms because the demand is pretty high.

It is planned to at least double the size of the plant. The target is to produce 12,000 tons of turkey every year. Lithuanian investors are attracted by the rules of conducting business in Belarus and by the unhindered entrance to the Eurasian Economic Union’s market.

Alexander Lukashenko:
Market prospects are decent here, aren't they? Plus, you can export to Russia.

Alexander Lukashenko also talked to the employees of the plant, the latest events in Belarus were discussed.

Andrei Gaidurov, chief storekeeper of poultry processing plant:
People are interested whether Belarusians should expect the same situation which occurred in Ukraine.

Alexander Lukashenko:
Andrei, I can assure you that the Ukrainian situation in Belarus is not about me. I cannot allow, even by my character’s nature, for the Ukrainian scenario to happen in Belarus. Somebody wants to destabilize the situation in Belarus and there are thugs who are involved in this. To be quite honest, I felt calm at the beginning f the noughties, in 2005, in 2010, I thought that the all have calmed down. Nothing like it. It came to digging holes and hiding arms, armature, axes, knives, grenades and other things, just like partisans. What for? And they all say that they teach patriotism to children With ball grenades? I wouldn’t want my child to learn all this. I suppose that you wouldn’t as well. Somebody is tempted to do something. You know, there is a certain barrier, which nobody must cross, by breaking the law and the Constitution. If the authorities do not see it, and God save us all will shuffle past it as it happened in Ukraine, then there’ll be a chain reaction, it will be difficult to stop it, because millions of people will be involved. They were planning to go out into the streets, but now they are refusing to. We saw those thugs and we also saw that they wanted to be used. It’s intolerable. They said that they didn’t want somebody to shed their blood there. When these arsenals were found, they started refusing going to the demonstrations. They understood that Belarusian authorities are not afraid. What should we do in this situation? Authorities must fulfill their functions. If people get frightened, than it will only deteriorate the situation. Don’t worry, Andrei, Belarus is not scared.