Protests end without beginning. Freedom Day 2017 in Minsk


Protests end without beginning. Freedom Day 2017 in Minsk

All these days, suspects in the terrorist attack in the UK were being arrested. Already more than a dozen people were held by the police. The head of the anti-terrorist division of the Greater London reported that arrests are made on the basis of searches, but did not specify how the detainees were linked to the attack. Perhaps it will be revealed during the proceedings. And, as far as we know, some have already been released.

In Belarus, those suspected of preparing armed provocations on March 25 Freedom Day were also detained this week.

The organizers of the protests in the Belarusian capital yesterday withdrew their applications for the mass events thus making any protests illegal.

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The campaign, called "Freedom Day", was not sanctioned by Minsk authorities, but those who wanted to protest were proposed an option. They were offered to protest in the park of Friendship of Peoples as it was done many years before. But people come to the Academy of Sciences, thus already violating the law on mass events. They were repeatedly reminded about it by asking to leave the city center.

In response, dozens of people began to walk on roads, in violation of traffic rules. Police worked without water cannons, tear gas and beatings, as it often seen abroad. True, it remains unclear why those people came to protest.

Posts on forums:
"If we want to pay THIS PRICE to prevent the Ukrainian scenario, I am for that. Today I went with a friend, an immigrant from Ukraine. He said the authorities are doing right, because it all began in the same way in Ukraine... "

"I cannot understand one thing: why is the opposition freaking out? They were told about the Bangalore, the park... Go to that agreed place and celebrate your "Freedom"! No. They let themselves and the people down, the people who shares this "holiday" with the "opposition"! And what did you win? Stupid, stupid as always... "

"The celebration did not take place. The action was over before it began. "

"Riot police did great. No clubs, no shockers like the democratic West loves. "

"It is a normal reaction of the authorities against those who oppose the authorities; but that could have been much worse. "

And according to information we are getting, it could really be worse. 26 suspects were arrested as part of a criminal case connected with training and preparation for riots. Among them are activists and one of leaders of the radical organization. There were a lot of attributes of war found. The Kalashnikov rifle, 59 rounds of ammunition, guns, grenades, knives and axes, body armor, attributes of the Azov battalion and even manuals on combat operations in the city and items used for manufacturing improvised explosive devices.

All this was prepared in advance, carefully thinking through details. They even arranged a stash with grenades and rods, not in Minsk but near one of the villages in Stolbtsy area. The stash was shown by one of the activists of the radical organization White Legion, who also explained why this stash was created.

It was reported that on March 25, there could be an attack against demonstrators by pro-Russian forces who can injure people. We were told to be ready so that we could resist them if necessary.

This is the latest information: a car with Russian license plate was stopped near Mogilev, in which two men were carrying guns, ammunition, spiked clubs, balaclavas and a tank for a gas weapon.

In Minsk, five people were detained: they possesses a variety of weapons, a mask, handcuffs, and anarchist literature.

It is easy to assume what might have happened if all this was brought to the center of Minsk today.