President Lukashenko: I can't allow for the situation in Ukraine to happen in Belarus


President Lukashenko: I can't allow for the situation in Ukraine to happen in Belarus

After visiting Arvi Belagro, President Lukashenko traditionally talked to the employees of the company. He talked about employment, salaries, information opposition on the internet, about the latest arrests of extremists.

Belarus President also stated that Belarus will not allow riots according to the Ukrainian scenario.

The situation in the country is stable and under control.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of the Republic of Belarus:
The sowing season in 2017 will start in Grodno rather than in Gomel region. It is the first time in my career of a President. Usually the sowing season began from Gomel region, but everything is ready for the sowing season in Grodno region as well. I visited Mogilev region at the beginning of this week, where people have already begun to cultivate land and sow. For this reason the main topic for me now is the sowing campaign. I have just said, that no matter what the situation in the country is, and bread needs to be sown.

Without bread people will be unsatisfied and will be protesting in squares.

I must say that I see a perspective in the development of Lida district. Nevertheless, I have always been warned that Lida district doesn’t work as it should do. I suppose that there is a sense in all of this, but it should be decided by office workers, we’ll find a way round. I emphasize three main social problems today, which are employment, salaries, price determination and increase.

I think that Lida has questions of its own. The district is not that big, the population is decent, so that’s why more working places, good working places, need to be created. People must earn at least BYN 2000. That’s why such working places must be created. It is good that our brothers came to Belarus and don’t consider Belarus a foreign country and that it’s impossible to work here. We will help them.

Another question could be asked by Belarusians right now. There are reports on arrest of gunmen and the found arms caches. It may be frightful to read the news on the internet. What is going on? Aren’t the authorities frightened?

Andrei Gaidurov, chief storekeeper of poultry processing plant:
People are interested whether Belarusians should expect the same situation which occurred in Ukraine.

Alexander Lukashenko:
Andrei, I can assure you that the Ukrainian situation in Belarus is not about me. I cannot allow, even by my character’s nature, for the Ukrainian scenario to happen in Belarus.

Somebody wants a flareup to happen in Belarus.

It is not the first time when Belarus is being pressurized.

Alexander Lukashenko:
Belarus withstood before and will survive now. However, somebody wants to destabilize the situation in Belarus and there are thugs who are involved in this. It came to digging holes and hiding arms, armature, axes, knives, grenades and other things, just like partisans.

You know, there is a certain barrier, which nobody must cross, by breaking the law and the Constitution.

If the authorities do not see it, and God save us all will shuffle past it as it happened in Ukraine, then there’ll be a chain reaction, it will be difficult to stop it, because millions of people will be involved. It is the only thing that I am worried about, so that this moment is not shuffled past. I saw that Belarus has approached this very moment. Everything began from a woman, who came from abroad; I won’t name the country,

and said: “Provocative acts are going to be organized in Belarus. It’s my Belarus. Tell the President about it”.

She gave the surnames, said what and where. The information was congruent. This is what made us even more alert and made us undertake active measures. I ordered special forces to instantly investigate into the case. As a result a whole arsenal of weapons was found.

It is the first time when people who are unsatisfied with Decree No.3 want to be used in this situation.

Alexander Lukashenko:
Money was passed through the Poles, Lithuanians (the so called “democrats”). They made money. Most of the money stayed there, but Belarusians didn’t live such a bad life. And don’t live a bad life now as well. They live in big houses, drive Mercedes cars. Why do they then say that they are not social parasites? I said it before, if you are not parasites, than why are you justifying yourselves?

It is them who are parasites number one. They are afraid of coming out of the shadow tomorrow.

And in declarations it must be stated, where an unemployed person took the money to buy a big house. However, there are the so called “socially unprotected” people.

They went out into the streets to solve their problems but they were used.

They need heaps of people. What are they on their own? As many as 25 people in Grodno. What are 25 people? They are afraid to be seen even in the squares. Nevertheless, when there are 300 or 500 of them, then they start hiding and running like mangy dogs do. Let’s take Brest as an example. One person was shouting to the top of his voice. Than he was caught on cameras and it turned out that he was repatriating amber, or whatever. Then a big house and to personal cars (doesn’t work anywhere). Is it normal? The government is happy for the people to trade, but wants people to register and work officially and pay this paltry tax.

People of the most Western part of Belarus are interested in Alexander Lukashenko’s opinion on the initiative to open a memorial in infamous Kurapaty.

Alexander Lukashenko:
It is a giant cemetery. Why are we milling on bones and making politics on this? I remember when after the collapse of the USSR many people came into office using politics and Kurapaty. And those people, about whom I was talking about before. None of them were seen and none of them would have been seen, including me as well.

However, I never walked around the cemetery as they did, and I never made use of it.

I ordered the appropriate bodies to stop it all. Did people die there? Yes, they did. Some people think that Stalin shot people there, others think that fascists did. I suppose that it doesn’t matter who shot people there. Historians will find out within some time, and if they don’t we still need to do the main thing. These people, who died without any guilt there, must be memorialized.

I ordered to create a thorough, not a giant and not the size of the Brest Fortress memorial there.

Maybe a small chapel or something like that. So that a person could go there if he wishes to. And once and for all to do away with all this spiel.

Many tourists visit Grodno region, the border is nearby. Nevertheless, the number of tourists could be bigger. President Lukashenko suggests thinking more broadly.

Marina Gaigalovich, packer at poultry processing plant:
What should be done to attract more tourists to Belarus?

Alexander Lukashenko:
You know, to attract more tourists to Belarus, the work in this direction has already started. But a lot more needs to be done. Yes, there will be smart people who will come to Belarus and see the Belarusian castles, architecture, the architecture in Lida, the factories.

However, the main treasure of Belarus is its people.

Agro farms were created. People need it today, to visit a calm place and have a rest. Here is an example. Once I visited an agro farm like this and met some people from Moscow there, they said that they often visit this place. I told them that the nature of Belarus and Russia is practically the same, and I asked why they come here.

And they said that it is the silence they need.

People also need good conditions so that they communicate with nature, because silence comes from nature. Preserve this tidiness, calmness of Belarusian hearts. Provide people with places where they can have a rest, drink a glass of wine and have a bite of turkey. In this way the number of tourists, step by step, increases every day.

This five day visa-free regime is not primarily for tourists.

It is first of all for them. Businessmen must come to Belarus, they won’t have much time to stay here, and five days will be more than enough. However, if five days won’t be enough, we’ll increase the term. Belarus has nothing to be afraid of.

Health and peaceful skies can’t be bought for any money. Knowing that President Lukashenko’s hobby is farming, employees of the company ask the President for advice.

Alexander Lukashenko:
I only eat food which is produced in Belarus. From an apple (it is advised to have an apple in the first part of the day) to meat and so on, I have already said about turkey. It has all been checked on me. Some years ago, some clever doctors told me, If I am not mistaken they were from Ukraine, that a person should eat the food which was grown on his land. It is very important for the health of people. I do it not because I have nothing to eat. It is because I am a village man.

I was brought up in a village and I am used to having something grown on land.