Belarus President meets with Lithuanian investor in Belarus' poultry industry

Belarus President meets with Lithuanian investor in Belarus' poultry industry

Help people find jobs and provide decent wages were the main instructions the Belarus President gave on March 24 during his working trip to the Grodno region. The Head of State also spoke about other important events in the country.

Alexander Lukashenko, Belarus President:
Everything should be put in order here. Bring order in the fields, on plantations and reclaim open pits - this is the most important task.

Leonid Marinich, First Deputy Agriculture and Food Minister of the Republic of Belarus:
For accurate dosing and application of fertilizers - we have these boom applicators. What do we achieve through this? We achieve the 5% non-uniformity. If across the country we apply this system of fertilizers and hit the figures I have mentioned, we will get an additional three million tons of grain.

Alexander Lukashenko:
The main task for you and the governors is quality. Ask MTZ, MAZ and BelAZ about special quality. We need perfect quality. Let them do fewer units but let them be better in quality.

Alexander Lukashenko mentioned the problem of wages and employment March 24. People need help in finding a job and the salary in the country should be BYN1,000 (about $500). This is a mandatory task.

Alexander Lukashenko:
I want you to understand. When I said that everyone needs to have a job by May 1, I meant that you need to offer a job to everyone. And if they don't want this work, then list them. Then we'll determine what to do with such people.

This does not mean that we will create new jobs on May 1.

But I just spur you all so that you offer people jobs in a correct way. And there's a lot of work today in the village. Take a bus, a team, gather people. You know what works you need. Get these people into the bus and drive into the woods. They work during daytime, feed them and bring home.

They work five days and then rest two days. That's your salary. At the current level of prices it's just a shame that people don't get this miserable BYN1,000. No, that will be a good salary of BYN1,000. But we need to earn it.

Mikhail Rusyi, Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Belarus:
The machinery is ready and people know what to do. We have more than enough seeds. We are currently cooperating with Russians on seeds.

The President was shown the power of agricultural equipment. Sprayers, seed drills, machines for applying mineral fertilizers - not all countries have such a quality fleet. It was all developed by Belarusian scientists and experienced farmers.

Investments in Belarusian agriculture are welcome. This is an example of Lithuanian investments, which came thanks to the improved investment climate of Belarus.

The investments amounted to more than 30 million euros.

By the way, this meat will be supplied to Lithuania, Poland and other European countries. The plant was not built from scratch. Earlier, nine poultry houses were built in the district. The new plant is going to produce minced meat, prepared food, sausages, smoked and cured products. There is demand for such products.

Vidmantas Kučinskas, investor (Lithuania):
We already export probably 70% or 80%. But at first we would like this product to win hearts of Belarusians.

By the way, the company that initiated the construction is a resident of the Grodno free economic zone. Alexander Lukashenko supports such projects. For example, the complex alone allowed creating 200 new jobs.

More than 500 production facilities were built in the poultry industry for the last four years. The branch is developing intensively.

Alexander Lukashenko:
Market prospects are decent, aren't they? Plus, you can supply to Russia.

For now the average consumption of turkey meat in Belarus is less than 100 grams per capita, while in Lithuania it's almost two kilograms. In the EU, the figure is about 4kg. Alexander Lukashenko personally tasted the products.

Alexander Lukashenko:
I must tell you that this is very tasty.

Plans until 2020 are also great. The main focus is quality, expansion of export geography and the technological modernization of the sector.