Mayor: No sanctioned rallies planned in Minsk for 25 March


Mayor: No sanctioned rallies planned in Minsk for 25 March

The organizers of street protests, scheduled for March 25 in Minsk, refused from their applications. By the way, almost all initiators - except one - made this decision even before the consideration of applications. The last reply was received on March 24. The Minsk City Executive Committee explained:

the application (the proposed route in particular) does not meet the requirements of the legislation.

However, a representative of the mayor's office said that permanent venues for public events exist in Minsk. Moreover, the applicants were proposed to use this place instead.

However, the applicant refused from other options, as well as from the March 25 protest.

Andrei Shorets, mayor:
I would like to call on the people of the city and the guests not to succumb to provocations. Once again I want to emphasize there will be no sanctioned events, rallies and marches in the city since all the applicants refused to carry out these events.

Despite the fact that the applicants had refused to hold the event, it should be noted that they began to call people out on the street in advance, not having permission to hold the protest, thereby assuming the responsibility for possible consequences.

The announcement of an event before getting permission to hold it is a flagrant violation of the law on mass events.