President Lukashenko: Ukrainian scenario will not work in Belarus


President Lukashenko: Ukrainian scenario will not work in Belarus

Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko made a working trip to the Grodno region on 24 March. One of the topics he touched on were the possible protests scheduled for March 25.

Belarus will not allow riots according to the Ukrainian scenario. The situation in the country is stable and under control.

Alexander Lukashenko:
There is a certain barrier that no one should cross, breaking the law and the Constitution. And if the authorities don't see it or just miss the moment like it was in Ukraine, then it will be a chain reaction that is very difficult to stop, because it will involve millions of people, millions. I fear only that we don't miss that moment. And we saw that we had come to this moment.

It began with the day when a woman from abroad (I will not name the country, it is a developed western country) came to the embassy and said that a provocation was being prepared. "This is my Belarus. Pass it to the President," she said. She named surnames, when and what was planned. We looked into it and saw that her information matched ours. I instructed and people went there, found the woman (she left her phone), and she openly said: "I am not afraid of anything. I will write a statement so that you are warned." That thing alarmed us even more and prompted to action.

I instructed the security services to immediately launch an operation to look into affairs in which these people are involved. And we found an arsenal of weapons. But, as I was reported today in the morning, they had planned to go tomorrow... the day after tomorrow in cities... But have already started to give up their plans. They saw that they could also be used. It is unacceptable. They say they don't want blood. And when they saw these arsenals, they said: "No, we will not go."

That is, now they began to abandon all these meetings and demonstrations, they realized that the authorities were not frightened.

Well, what can we do? The government must carry out its functions. If we are frightened, that will be bad, but it would be even worse for you.

Alexander Lukashenko answered questions of the employees of the Arvi-Belagro enterprise. Among the topics that the President touched on were information confrontation on the Internet, visa-free travels to Belarus and the construction of a memorial complex in Kurapaty.

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