Alexander Lukashenko: We need to offer all people a job by May 1

Alexander Lukashenko: We need to offer all people a job by May 1

To help people find work and to hit the country’s average salary of BYN 1,000 were the orders given by the Belarus President, Alexander Lukashenko, during a working trip to the Grodno region on 24 March.

The head of state focused on the beginning of the sowing campaign in Belarus and in the region. Speaking about spring field work, the President demanded to cultivate crops only using fertilizers. By the way, the head of state was shown Belarusian equipment for applying mineral and organic substances.

In addition to the agricultural topics, speaking with local authorities, Alexander Lukashenko turned his attention to jobs and the issue of a decent salary.

Alexander Lukashenko, Belarus President:
When I said that everyone needs to have a job by May 1, I meant that you need to offer a job to everyone. And if they don't want this work, then list them. Then we'll determine what to do with such people.

This does not mean that by May 1 we will create new jobs at our refineries or a new combine at Grodno Azot. That's what I said. No, we will never do that. But I just spur you all so that you offer people jobs in a correct way.

There's a lot of work today in the village. Take a bus, a team, gather people. They know their volume of work. People board buses and you drive into the woods. They work during the day and then feed them. Prepare a cup of soup, give workers a snack and bring home. They work five days and then two days they have a rest. And they will get their salary.

It's just a shame that people don't get that tiny sum of BYN1,000 (about $500 - note by No, it will be a good salary - a thousand rubles. But we need to earn it. We need to give people this salary, so that the country's average is about $500. Grodno needs to have $500, or BYN1,000. Minsk always has a little bit more. Maybe someone will have $490. But this $490 is not for you. Therefore, at any cost, we need this. What will I tell people otherwise?

During the working trip, the President got acquainted with facilities and other areas, in particular he inspected the reconstruction of the highway Minsk-Grodno. Alexander Lukashenko noted that the works should wise and economical.