Belarusian investigators reveal White Legion's plans for March 25 protest


Belarusian investigators reveal White Legion's plans for March 25 protest

Investigators have found a whole arsenal of arms in houses of the activists of the organizations White Legion and Young Front. Machine guns, grenades, axes, symbols of the Azov battalion - this is an incomplete list of what was seized. A criminal investigation was opened against them for the preparation for participation in riots. Just before this news release, it became known that one of the suspects pointed a weapon stash.

That's how easily a car rides down a city road. But in this car, the man carries a rifle without the butt and number as well as two magazines with ammunition. And this man is Miroslav Lozovsky, a former activist of the organization White Legion.

KGB has opened a criminal case on the fact of training and preparation for participation in riots - this is part 3 art. 293 of the Criminal Code of Belarus. But it concerns not only Lozovsky: other activists of the White Legion and Young Front have been detained - all in all 26 people. A lot of weapons were seized. The Kalashnikov rifle, 59 rounds of ammunition, guns, grenades, knives and axes, body armor, attributes of the Azov battalion and even manuals on combat operations in the city and items used for manufacturing improvised explosive devices.

The organizers don't have a specific plan for March 25 in Minsk, which is also called Freedom Day. But plans for the arrival of fighters from Ukraine were discussed. It seems it was done for a long time and thoroughly. We are talking about the followers of UNA-UNSO, with whom White Legion has been working closely since the 1990s, as well as about those who fought in the east of Ukraine for nationalist forces.

However, it is now not news that the upcoming event attracted all kinds of people aimed at organizing mass disorders, including from abroad. Recall the recent attempt to break the Belarusian state border in order to bring ammunition and firearms into the territory of Belarus.

According to the latest information, one of the detained activists on 23 March pointed to a stash of weapons near the village Terebeinoye (Stolbtsy district). He also revealed the plans of White Legion for next Saturday.

We practiced group movement in combat conditions. We practiced shooting. We planned to learn the tactics of city fighting. It was reported that on March 25, demonstrators may be attacked by pro-Russian forces who can injure people. We were told them to be ready so that we could resist them if necessary.

The stash belonged to the radical White Legion. Sappers found in the hideout reinforcement bars, two 100-liter bottles (also with iron rods) and six grenades RGD-5 and F1 with fuses for them. This fact will also be taken into account during the criminal case.