Belarus President: We are able to maintain peace and tranquility in our country


Belarus President: We are able to maintain peace and tranquility in our country

Belarus is able to keep peace and tranquility of its citizens, said March 23 Alexander Lukashenko at the meeting on public security March 23. The head of state ordered all government agencies to maintain law and order in strict accordance with the Constitution. Any deviation from the law, as the President said, will not be tolerated.

Sky is without gunpowder above the heads of Belarusians and underfoot are clean sidewalks and roads. Around are well-groomed streets and avenues. Ahead is a clear prospect.

But there are forces that want to make Belarus abandon this quiet promenade and turn into some strange backyard.

Belarus is a calm country. But for the country to remain such thousands of specialists from several departments work every day. The leaders of these institutions and ministries gathered March 23 at the Palace of Independence.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
There have been many opinions and conversations as to whether to make the meeting open or closed. I stick to one point of view: we can't hide anything from anyone. And as far as possible, we must be honestly and openly discuss the issues that concern our people today. Of course, all this cannot but worry us. There is another factor, which is to the benefit of those who said we should not be open here, discuss problems openly. I mean some articles that the authorities try to frighten someone ahead of some events that are undesirable for the authorities. Some is carrying this crazy idea. So I would like to tell these gentlemen (mostly these are gentlemen) that the government today is absolutely not afraid of anybody.

For many years, Belarusians have been able to buy imported household appliances, purchase cars and build housing using soft loans. But it is not Belarus' fault that its export-oriented economy is suffering from sanctions and crises. However, even in these circumstances the state has not stopped social policy: from pays of benefits to free education and medicine.

When all able-bodied citizens of the country were asked to join the co-financing of state expenditures, some became displeased and protested. Protesters walked along carefully cleaned streets and squares, at the expense of the state treasury.

Alexander Lukashenko:
When you live in a peaceful country, a peaceful Minsk, you see clean streets, which are cleaned not by parasites, but people who carry out their mission, who do work. We see women with small children quietly walking with baby carriages along the streets of hero-city Minsk, somewhere far from the center and everyone is happy. Not only are they happy; this is blessedness. You know it is not easily given.
We conduct an honest and sincere policy. Excuse my immodesty, but I always think that it is the best for Belarusians to have such authorities. We have not plundered the country, we did not tear it to pieces. We did not give out our property, though some people inside and especially outside dream of dividing it. We conducted the policy that we promised during the presidential elections.

Belarusians have forgotten about empty shelves and food baskets, banditry on the streets and racketeering on the roads. One gets used to good things quickly. Sovereign Belarus brought up an entire generation which knows no problems of its fathers.

Alexander Ivanovsky, First Prorector of the Academy of Public Administration under the aegis of the President of the Republic of Belarus:
You get used to everything that is good and you feel like it won't change. And this is why extremists are a danger; they seek to destabilize the situation. And I would like to note that these forces don't propose anything in return.

Now even the most successful countries don't have the best of times. Many states don't carry about the thickness of purses. The only desire is to live in safety.

All this 'TNT chaos' is trying to break into Belarus. But for now Belarus has power of the state, not the oligarchy or the crowd.

Alexander Lukashenko:
And if we somewhere violate this order, tomorrow we will have the same our neighbors have. If someone wants it, and there are such people (albeit a tiny minority, but still they exist), they must understand that we are not scaring anybody, we call them to order. We will very strictly follow the enforcement of laws and the Constitution. We do not shut anyone's mouth, I have already talked about this. However, any deviation from law will be cruelly suppressed. We are able today to maintain peace and tranquility in our country. And we're not afraid of anything or anyone, because everyone at the table are people who are sons of this land and they know the value of this life and this land.

Peace and order will be preserved according to laws and the Constitution. So has it been all these years in Belarus to which we have all got accustomed.