President Lukashenko: Belarus is able to keep peace in the country


President Lukashenko: Belarus is able to keep peace in the country

Belarus is able to keep peace and tranquility of its citizens, said March 23 Alexander Lukashenko at a meeting on public security.

The head of state ordered all government agencies to maintain law and order in strict accordance with the Constitution. Any deviation from the norms of law, as noted by the President, will not be tolerated.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
We conduct an honest and sincere policy. We have not plundered the country, did not tear it to pieces. We did not give out our property, though some people inside and especially outside dream of dividing it. We conducted the policy that we promised during the presidential elections. Nevertheless, it is somewhat unpleasant to hear that we are frightening someone. I want to say that we do not frighten anybody and will not do that.

But from now on, it concerns all those who hear us, and especially those present here, we will follow the laws and the Constitution very strictly.

We do not shut anyone's mouth, I already said this. But deviations from the law will be cruelly suppressed.

The head of state drew attention to the fact that it had been decided to hold the meeting openly. The President sticks to one point of view: to honestly and openly discuss issues that concern Belarusians today.