Belarus' law enforcement agencies clamp down on radical organization White Legion


Belarus' law enforcement agencies clamp down on radical organization White Legion

On March 22, the phrase White Legion reappeared in the operative reports of law enforcement agencies of Belarus. The radical organization, which seemed to stop functioning almost 15 years ago, is again in the limelight.

On March 22, law enforcement agencies carried out a few dozen searches. A solid arsenal of weapons (sapper shovels, body armor, rifles and even automatic recharge system) was found in the apartment of one of the group's participants. There is reason to believe that all this was intended to be used to organize unrest in the country.

Black spots on white background. That is how the story was brought in opposition media.

It all began at the weekend. A call to arms appeared on the page of Miroslav Lozovsky's, a former activist of the organization "White Legion", who was detained on March 22. The message walked through social networks for a few days. Investigators are now trying to find out what was his purpose. This is a frank violation of the law and attempt to organize riots. Apparently realizing this the man tried to justify himself saying that his account had been hacked and that the message was a fake.

Maybe these are white spots on black background? Once again, the message came from a former member of the radical paramilitary organization "White Legion". It was thought to have stopped functioning in the early 2000s but from time to time it became a news topic. Its creator was in the anti-terrorist operation zone in Ukraine (ATO zone). A big interview with reference to White Legion was published in late 2014. As you can see, these ideas lived up to our days.

And these ideas are militaristic. Their essence is to defend nationalist and military views. And these are not even anarchists who use any occasion to promote their ideas against any state. Here war is part of mentality. White Legion did not disappear. Some legionnaires opened military-patriotic camps for children.

During street protests of the past the legionnaires were in the forefront of the opposition. They broke through police cordons, shoulder to shoulder with radicals from Ukrainian National Assembly – Ukrainian People's Self-Defence (UNA-UNSO) and threw stones at law enforcement officers in 1999. And then, just in a couple of years, White Legion announced that it stops its activities.

Judging by today's headlines on the Internet these legionaries turned into ordinary artisans and spiritualized book sellers. After white snow disappeared in spring, White Legion again came to light. However, they did not take into account that they were controlled all this time.

Note: please watch video for more details

This is a normal life of "Minsk elite". But they don't understand polite words. This is the footage of search in the apartment of one of members of the organization, Mr. Danilov. It is clear why he did not want to open the door: it's difficult to explain why a person needs smoke grenades, sapper spades, batons, cars for recharging rifles, fuses and three rifles at home.

The arsenal is serious. But such symbols as the red and black flag of anarchist movement, the standard of the Azov battalion and a volunteer's instruction already cause concern. And here is the poster of the Legion where we see runes, or the swastika. Journalists will argue what this is. Danilov says that this all belongs to him.

You see three fighters in balaclavas, armored personnel carriers, a white-red-white flag on the background of the Government House. The air smells of war and blood, which is also part of this composition. It is not a crime, it's just a background. And only one arrest. And that exactly is White Legion will be known when the entire arsenal of this "elite" will be counted. And then we'll read books where everything is written in black and white.