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Caiman armored vehicle tested in Belarus

New Caiman armored vehicle is being tested in Brest training range in Belarus. Daily run on the rough, water barriers and shooting from different kinds of armaments. The test drive was held in the severest conditions.

The armored vehicle's purpose is to participate in intelligence and sabotage operations, peace-support missions, patrolling and escorting columns, carrying out actions under emergency conditions. Caiman was designed by Belarusian constructors and 90% of the complete units of the machine were made in Belarus.

Olga Petrova, chief design manager at a repair works plant:
If scout and armored vehicles of the Soviet and Russian type have the BR-4 class threat level, the Belarusian vehicle has BR-5, which is a sequence higher. The screen doesn’t let a Dragunov sniper file bullet go through.

The combat weight of the vehicle is seven tons. Caiman is capable of overcoming water barriers afloat, and builds up speed to 100 kilometers per hour on the road. After the battle service tests are over, it will be decided whether the armored vehicle will be passed into service of the Belarusian army

Caiman armored vehicle tested in Belarus