Russian singer denied entry to Ukraine for Eurovision 2017

Russian singer denied entry to Ukraine for Eurovision 2017

The Security Service of Ukraine has banned Russian singer Julia Samoilova from entering Ukraine for three years.

This decision was taken, because Samoilova violated Ukrainian legislation, said security service spokeswoman Elena Gitlyanskaya in her Facebook post.


The Russian Foreign Ministry called the decision of the Security Service "an outrageous, cynical and inhuman act."

According to RIA Novosti, who cite first deputy chairman of the Federation Council's Defense and Security Committee Franz Klintsevich, Russia will boycott all future competitions if Eurovision does not stand up for Samoilova.

Jon Ola Sand, European Broadcasting Union's Executive Supervisor of the Eurovision Song Contest, told media in Kyiv that the European Broadcasting Union does not see any violations on the part of Russia but, respecting the laws of Ukraine, the EBU will accept any decision of the Ukrainian government on this issue.

Yulia Samojlova was chosen representative of Russia at the Eurovision Song Contest, which will be held in May in Kiev.