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Maksim Bahdanovich memorial evening held in Madrid

Legendary Veranika, Venus Star and Slutskіja Pajasy sounded in the center of the Spanish capital. Diplomats, creative elite and all indifferent to Belarusian poetry studied the works of Maksim Bahdanovich in Madrid.

The organizers of the evening recreated the atmosphere of a literary party, in which the classic writer lived. Even suits of the participants were recreated as precisely as possible to match those of the early twentieth century. In addition to poetry, the visitors found out interesting facts from the writer's biography and saw his photographs and books.

Famous lines were recited in Spanish.

Already this year, a collection of poems Bogdanovich in the language of Cervantes and Lorca will be published in Madrid. By the way, March 21 was World Poetry Day.

Maksim Bahdanovich memorial evening held in Madrid