President Lukashenko predicts IT breakthrough in Belarus

President Lukashenko predicts IT breakthrough in Belarus

Investment opportunities, Belarus’ IT sector and science were among the major issues on which the Belarusian President commented visiting the Mogilev Region on March 21.

The situation in Belarus is controllable, and therefore business feels safe. By the way, the owner of the Mogilev company Alexander Lukashenko visited is a large investor. It has businesses in several European countries. He says he came to Belarus come "seriously and for a long time." The President emphasized Belarus is ready to create special conditions for honest investors, who take into account the interests of the Belarusian state.

Alexander Lukashenko:
We have a huge mass of people with good brains. You are normal people, who can work, master any technology, and this is the highest treasure of our country, human resources, literacy, education... So we have a certain development. From woodworking to IT sector. I've met recently with IT businessmen.

I promise: there will be an explosion in Belarusian IT technologies, a breakthrough.

Because we have passed the first stage, when Belarusian specialists were outsourced. Now we have another challenge. We need to develop software here in Belarus and create production facilities here. Belarus needs to sell ready-made IT products. Our people can do it all. Such a country will be attractive to the investor, since they have brought here a billion dollars of their money and took loans from the West to invest in Belarus. So they trust us, don't they? So you do not worry, we won't give this country to anyone. We'll keep it with you.

Another positive moment for the country from the point of view of investors is that Belarus has no problems of bribes. There are some particular cases of unscrupulous officials but these attempts fail and are punishable.

Representative of a company:
What are other measures to create more favorable conditions for investors?

Alexander Lukashenko:
We have a stable society, we have a quiet peaceful country. We did not plunder the country, we prevented this crash. The same security and stability stems from the activities of the authorities. For IT technologies, we created the High-Tech Park, which I generally freed from taxes other than income tax.

But there is a condition: if you sell your developments overseas, all the money must come to Belarus. They are now working. I see they are now ready to take the next step.

2017 was declared the Year of Science in Belarus. Financing of this sector has increased substantially, but Belarus is still waiting for breakthrough ideas and discoveries from scientists. What achievements of scientists could be significant for the people and the state?

Alexander Lukashenko:
I am very interested in the fact that innovations are introduced into manufacturing. I am often asked about my dream. I would very much like to see our science making a breakthrough in medicine.

Now, if we learned how to treat cancerous tumors just like any other disease, it would be happiness for me.

Apart from that I would like our scientists to invent some new source of energy. We already know solar or wind sources (I have noticed you have some wind generators here outside). But there could be some other energy source. Here scientists should work to find it out. This is for the individual and for the state, to preserve the independence of our state.