President Lukashenko: Situation in Belarus under control


President Lukashenko: Situation in Belarus under control

Fair pricing, implementation of decree on social dependency, attempted armed breakthrough on the Belarusian-Ukrainian border and the fifth column in Belarus. The Belarusian President commented on these issues during the visit to the Mogilev Region on March 21.

Factory workers asked the President about accidents at the Belarus-Ukraine border. The President does not hide that an attempt of armed breakthrough through the border and provocations in the squares of Belarusian cities are the links of the same chain. Alexander Lukashenko made it clear: no matter what the difficulties, the government will not allow the country to slip into turmoil.

Alexander Lukashenko:
It is alarming that our 'fifth column' has become active, calling for others to join in and organize a brawl here. You should understand that there are maybe not tens of thousands of such people but thousands exactly. I mean professionals who commit provocations. They, of course, are controlled by the secret services of certain states.

Guess what these states are. They are all under control.

And I give you the example of Ukraine. Ukrainians are people just like us. But what we saw struck us. Why? Because these provokers are usually in demand in hot spots. It's they who shoot and wind up the crowd. And this disturbance began like a snowball. Then a person is given a weapon. Starting from a knife and ending with small arms. So an ordinary man becomes a militant. An ordinary man, who allegedly came to just demand something. This is a special technology.

Perhaps someone thought that Belarus is already ripe for "color revolutions".

Remember Mogilev, where 200 people came to the street to ask for work. When they were offered a job, they all fled. That is, they don't need that work. That is, these people were involved in the protests by the "fifth column" and this wave spread to major cities. They saw that there is demand for provocateurs. Believe me that the situation in the country is under control.

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