Belarus President: Decree on social dependency has not been cancelled

Belarus President: Decree on social dependency has not been cancelled

Fair pricing, implementation of decree on social dependency, attempted armed breakthrough on the Belarusian-Ukrainian border and the fifth column in Belarus. The Belarusian President commented on these issues during the visit to the Mogilev Region on March 21.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
I did not cancel Decree number 3. And I did not even suspend it. It's wrong to say that. Decree number 3 works today. The only thing that I demanded is to suspend payments since the implementation of this decree was dissatisfactory. Let people pay next year for this year. But during this time we will check all the lists.

Deadline is October 1, so that people are not offended.

It is not right when millions of people work but those 300-350 thousand (at least, according to my calculations) are without official work and do Got knows what. And they do not pay for public utilities, health care, defense, security, and so on.

Thanks to Decree No3 the number of job applications rose and people have become more responsible when it comes to their work. In the current conditions, the strategic task for the economy is to provide jobs for all who want to work. Shirkers will face a special approach. The President's requirement is uncompromising - by May 1, Labor Day, everyone needs to have a job.

Alexander Lukashenko:
For us employment at new enterprises, such enterprises, is very important. But I do not mind if small enterprises are created: for 3, 5, 10, 15, 40, 50 people - it does not matter. At such enterprises people need to work. These are flexible enterprises, small, medium-sized enterprises. Then I absolutely do not mind if production facilities are created at old enterprises and people get more jobs. The main thing that it is a normal job. I have not announced my demand, not the market one:

in any case it is impossible to lay off people without the consent of local authorities.

Today, when I require an average salary of Br1,000 some think that they can achieve this by laying off people, including good staff. You can't do this without coordination with local authorities. Why? If you schedule to lay off these people, agree with the authorities where these people will go. We can't throw people away to streets in hard times.