Belarus has detained militants preparing armed provocation, President Lukashenko says


Belarus has detained militants preparing armed provocation, President Lukashenko says

Foreign investment should be brought into the country taking into account public interests, said Alexander Lukashenko during his working trip to Mogilev region March 21.

The President visited the free economic zone Mogilev, where about 40 residents are currently working.In particular, the company Kronospan where chipboards are made.

For six years, the owner has invested nearly a billion dollars in the Belarusian companies. The region plans to further attract foreign capital.

Alexander Lukashenko was also reported on the socio-economic situation in the region. There is positive dynamism, however, much remains to be done. The President demanded to perform basic tasks: employment, increase in the average salary and economic growth.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
Keep in mind that it is necessary to perform these indicators. Otherwise you will fail all three social tasks I mentioned: pricing, unemployment, which we do have (it is necessary to employ more people), and wages. Where will you take it all from if your production facilities don't work? You are reporting well, it's ok, but keep in mind: the first deadline for you is the first quarter, then by the end of H1 2017 it may be a disaster for you. By the end of the year, I will take drastic measures, starting from the assistant and ending with all the chiefs in the Mogilev regional executive committee.

After a visit to the company, Alexander Lukashenko talked with the staff. Factory workers asked the President about an incident that occurred at the Belarusian-Ukrainian border yesterday.

The President is confident that the attempt of an armed break and provocations are the links of one chain. During the dialogue the President touched on all the topics that concern every Belarusian.

The President said that the factory workers raise strategic issues. Alexander Lukashenko dispelled concerns about the so-called "marches" adding that the authorities will not let the country slip into turmoil of color revolutions.

Alexander Lukashenko:
As life shows they did not sleep. They were quietly preparing waiting for a suitable moment. This is the first thing. Second. We have already detained several dozen (not those in buses, not anarchists in masks) but those who trained in camps with weapons. By the way, one of the camps was near Bobruisk and Osipovichi. The rest were in Ukraine. The money went through Poland and Lithuania to Belarus. They were preparing. We detained just a couple of dozen militants in recent hours. They were preparing an armed provocation. I thank Belarusians abroad, in the EU, who warned us that a provocation is being prepared. And we began to figure it out. And, indeed, we found very interesting things. Therefore, they did not sleep. But it's not them. We will be investigating meticulously on where the money came from, who prepared those people and who sent them, what countries they came from. It means that someone wants to ruin our stability. I know that, so we are ready. Belarusians want to live in peace and raise children. No one needs this war. And I cannot allow it. If it is necessary, I will be in the first rows of resistance, together with the family and loved ones. But we are not going to give this country to anyone else.

Alexander Lukashenko was also informed about the spring field works. The Mogilev region increased areas for winter crops this season. Machinery and equipment is ready for sowing campaign.