Belarus developing new drug against liver and kidney cancer

Belarus developing new drug against liver and kidney cancer

Belarus is developing a new drug for the treatment of liver and kidney cancer, said Belarusian scientists in Minsk March 21.

Today, these diseases are difficult to treat, and surgery does not always produce results. Therefore, doctors decided to develop a new drug.

In parallel, Belarusian doctors are working to replace expensive imported drugs, which sometimes reaches tens of thousands of dollars, with their own analogs. Generics are especially useful today in the fight against cancer and cardiovascular diseases.

Tatiana Tumelya, department of pharmaceutical industry, Belarus Ministry of Health:
In 2016, we faced with the problem of treatment of hepatitis C, more precisely, we faced the problem of the presence in Belarus of drugs against this disease, drugs of our own production. The price of the original drug today is $16,000 dollars per pack. We expect that the cost of treatment will reduce by more than 10 times with the arrival of this drug to the Belarusian market.

As was reported today in Minsk, Belarusian pharmacists are planning to start the production of innovative insulin in cartridges. The trial version has already been obtained. Now the economic component is being considered: it is important to know how long the payback time will be.