Alexander Lukashenko: Belarus is ready to ensure its security in any situation


Alexander Lukashenko: Belarus is ready to ensure its security in any situation

Joint exercises of the Armed Forces of Belarus and Russia Zapad 2017 (West 2017) need to be as transparent as possible, said the President of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko, during the report on the drills.

They will be held in Belarus in autumn 2017.

President Lukashenko also emphasized that Belarus doesn’t intend to curtail its cooperation with Russia because of the disagreements in other spheres. The forthcoming drills prove the aspiration.

In as many as 20 countries military actions are taking place.

The coming Belarus-Russia military drills were discussed at the Independence Palace in Minsk.

Alexander Lukashenko stated, that when the matter refers to common defense, gas conflicts and productive wars are out of the question.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of the Republic of Belarus:
I would like to pay special attention to the fact that despite the thoughts of certain experts, nobody is going to curtail cooperation with Russia in the military sector, only because of some disagreements in other spheres.

It is the other way round; military drills are a demonstration of Belarus’ and Russia’s constancy in safety control of two fraternal peoples.

No matter what the relations are in the oil or gas sphere, provisions and other things, these questions can be agreed on, these qustions belong to both Belarus and Russia.

Nevertheless, to not take the security of our borders seriously is on no account allowable,

it must be prevented. It is not a subject to any kind of trade. Belarus has never kept and doesn’t keep it secret that in peacetime powder must be kept dry; all the more the latest events alert Belarus and let us say that wishful thinking in this case is on no account allowable.

Two states are one motherland. These words of Belarus President define the cooperation between Minsk and Moscow in the security sector best of all. The military security in the Western direction is provided by joint forces. Belarus And Russia have an agreement to carry out military drills in turns. Zapad 2017 will be held in Belarus.

Andrei Ravkov, Defense Minister of the Republic of Belarus:
The focus of these training activities is to hone defensive skills.

We invite the appropriate representatives of NATO, representatives of Western countries to attend these drills and to make sure these drills are defensive.

US President Donald Trump demands from his colleagues from NATO to raise the funding of the alliance. NATO increases its military strength and its military forces on the border with Belarus.

However, it doesn’t bother Minsk as much as the current hybrid threats do.

The real Greek horses are the actions of radicals in masks.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of the Republic of Belarus:
Belarus is more concerned about the current methods of confrontation and opposition to whip up tension and conduct corresponding actions against Belarus, everything is put on record. I am not frightening anyone.

If we were intimidating, then a lot of information would have emerged in the mass media.

The attempt of Belarus’ fifth column, financed by the western fronts, to whip up tension in Belarus. Belarus will get over it. It’s not a problem.

Belarus has a military doctrine. As for the battle reediness of the Belarusian army, it is at such a high level that

a potential enemy wouldn’t want to deal with Belarusian troops.

Belarus has nothing to hide. Alexander Lukashenko demanded to make the military drills as transparent as possible.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of the Republic of Belarus:
I ask all of you to make this event in our country transparent, not only for our friends in the CSTO, EurAsEC and the CIS, but also for the North Atlantic Alliance, NATO. We have nothing to hide and there is no need for it. If NATO wants to attend our drills, they are welcome. Especially since I'm now getting such information and relevant signals from them. I would once again like to emphasize and tell those who send these signals: we are not hiding anything from anyone. You are welcome to attend these drills in the established order.

And you will see that they have a defensive order.

Neither Belarus nor the Russian Federation is going to attack someone. We do not want to provoke anyone here. On no account. The only reason why we are carrying out these drills is that we want to ensure our situation in any situation.

Military attaches, foreign experts and journalist will be invited to the parade, to all seven ranges, where military drills Zapad 2017 will be conducted. The main actions will be held in Belarus,

and the total area of the strategic battles will be from the Artic regions to Brest.

As many as 10,000 Belarusian and 3,00 Russian soldiers will be taking part. In this case Alexander Lukashenko demanded to pay special attention to the Russian soldiers and the country’s treasury. And conjointly inspect on the consistency of the armies’ cooperation and the civil authorities. Their task is the same anyway, to defend Motherland.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of the Republic of Belarus:
We shouldn’t think about conflicts, that the army will act alone, and everyone will cross their arms together and wait for results. I mean any conflict on the territory of Belarus.

The entire population play play its part.

This is how soldiers are trained in Belarus, by creating territory defense troops, and at the same time we get the entire population ready to protect the territory and interests of Belarus. Let’s stop these ongoing nodding to the Government or he Ministry of Finances, that something hasn’t been financed enough, something wasn’t given and so on. You know the situation; you know that we do everything for the army, the possible and impossible.

Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko also signed the intention to carry out combined military drills. Some of the details are under wraps.

It is known that as many as 28 military units and 25 planes will be brought from Russia.

The military drills will start on the first day of the school year (September 1, 2017).

Alexander Lukashenko: Belarus is ready to ensure its security in any situation
Alexander Lukashenko: Belarus is ready to ensure its security in any situation
Alexander Lukashenko: Belarus is ready to ensure its security in any situation
Alexander Lukashenko: Belarus is ready to ensure its security in any situation