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Belarus President appoints deputy mayors of Minsk

Prices, employment and salaries are the three main areas for Minsk vice mayors designated by the Belarus President. Alexander Lukashenko on March 20 agreed number of appointments for the Minsk city executive committee.

Fedor Rimashevsky has become the first deputy chairman of the Minsk City Executive Committee. Another two deputies of the Minsk mayor are Alexander Krepak and Igor Yurkevich.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
There are three tasks you need to solve. The prices, since everything goes from all over the country. Second is employment. There needs to be no unemployment. Especially because there are enough jobs in Minsk in spring. You are former heads of administrations, why do I appoint you? Because you know this work the best. Today we must involve everyone who is without work. Everyone. We need to help all those who would like to find a job. We have to make work those who don't want to work. So do everything to give jobs to as many people as possible. And the third task and a challenge to you is salary. Yes, it is simply ridiculous to talk about a $500 of average salary (BYN 1000). Here, the salary must be much higher. Then this will make the average salary in the country higher. Am I right? Right. These are three tasks that you must resolve.

The President also agreed on the appointment of Andrei Zhailovich as head of administration of the Moskovsky district of Minsk.

Belarus President appoints vice-chairmen of Minsk City Executive Committee