Vitebsk secondary school student wins 3 open IT Olympiads

Vitebsk secondary school student wins 3 open IT Olympiads

Three victories in two weeks. A schoolboy from Vitebsk won several open programming Olympiads. Each competition had no less than 300 competitors from 20 countries.

Artur Petukhovsky is a pupil of the well-known Veronika Laktina.

Her pupils today work in big international IT corporations. Artur told about his plans for the future.

Artur Petukhovsky, student of the 11th form of Vitebsk grammar school No. 8:
My elder brother used to be a pupil of Veronika Laktina. And he got me acquainted with her when I was a child.

His brother already has his own IT business, and Artur himself has a long list of victories at different competitions. In 2017 alone he won four competitions, three of them were in the last couple of weeks.

Another international IT Olympiad is to be held in Vitebsk grammar school No. 8. Organizers of the competition will watch the 12 participants from Vitebsk and Orsha online.

Having gained 457 points, Artur was an undisputed leader of the open IT Olympiad of the Innopolis University.

He gained 100 points out of 100 posible in 4 tasks out of five.

Artur Petukhovsky:
It is necessary to understand that in sport programming you have to write and think as quickly as it is possible.

In industrial programming every detail must be worked out very accurately.

Artur’s teacher is very happy for him. Veronika Laktina brought up five winners of international, 30 winners of open and 67 winners of republican IT Olympiads.

The ministry of Education of the Republic of Belarus confirmed her own facultative work in 2008.

Now it is used all over Belarus. Some couple of days ago Alexander Lukashenko warded her with the Medal “For Labor Merits”.

Veronika Laktina, IT teacher at Vitebsk grammar school No. 8:
Whoever survives this marathon, this Olympic marathon, it proves that a wonderful future awaits this person. He will always be in demand, this child, I mean.

He has such potential, if he could reach such level of development.

The three victories of Artur at the IT Olympiads made it possible for him to study at some prestigious universities in Russia. There are waiting for him there without any exams.

Nevertheless he intends entering a Belarusian university.

The perspectives in the IT sector in Belarus are tremendous, the main thing that you need is to put some effort into it. This is the main wish of the young programmer with adult merits.

Vitebsk secondary school student wins 3 open IT Olympiads
Vitebsk secondary school student wins 3 open IT Olympiads