First 3D heart surgeries performed in Belarus

First 3D heart surgeries performed in Belarus

A 3D heart model was successfully used in a unique surgery in Belarus.

The organ, made with a scale of 1:1 allows studying all the nuances of the patient's heart structure before the surgery.

The usage of 3D models has every chance to become a regular practice in Belarus, especially in the field of pediatric cardiosurgery.

Leonid peacefully listens to his heart’s beat and shares his plans for the future. It wasn’t always this way. He couldn’t come up even to the second floor only few months ago. He had hypertrophic cardiomyopathy and oxygen deficiency.

Leonid Vokhmin:
I could hardly walk. I used an elevator literally to go up to the second floor. I am now as healthy as an astronaut, as doctors joke.

A completely identical copy of the human heart significantly improved the quality of the surgery.

Alena Syrova, CTV reporter:
The material of the heart created on the 3D printer allows sticking to the identity of the patient’s heart with the smallest details.

The 3D heart model helped the heart surgeon Vladimir Andruschuk to practice every action on it long before the surgery.

Vladimir Andruschuk, heart surgeon at cardiology scientific and practical center:
I’ve got an idea to print the patient’s heart model and do the surgery on it because

everyone has the unique structure of the part needed to be removed.

Belarusian surgeons successfully did another surgery on a man with rare diagnosis. There are plans to help other patients too.

There are about 500 patients in Belarus needing similar surgeries.

The creation of the model is a real scientific breakthrough for Belarus, the doctors say. The new technology is particularly relevant for pediatric cardiosurgeons.