Belarusian scientists develop unique equipment to combat oncology

Belarusian scientists develop unique equipment to combat oncology

More than ten million people get cancer each year, according to statistics. Great importance is given to treatment for people with cancer in Belarus.

Experts say that if the disease is found at the early stages it is easier to cure it. Sometimes, it takes only up to 4 minutes. It is needed to undergo the serious course of treatment in more complicated situations. The latter causes the need of having new methods of treatment. That’s why Belarusian scientists created unique computerized hyperthermia equipment Ptich M. This device makes chemotherapy less toxic to the body.

Ptitch M is used in N.N. Alexandrov National Cancer Centre of Belarus now.

Its technical, hygienic and medical clinical trials were carried out in the center in 2016.

This device, simply called ‘the couch’, takes the whole room. The body of the patient is warmed up to 42 degrees on it during three-four hours while the patient is injected with chemical substances for chemotherapy. Their toxicity is reduced due to the influence of high temperatures which kills cancerous cells; however, the healthy ones have better thermal conductivity and endure extreme heating easier.

Ptitch M, which helps treat many forms of cancer, is a single copy in Belarus.

Nevertheless, it is planned to re-equip other Belarusian clinics and research centers with it.