President Lukashenko: Government staff optimization mustn’t result in unthoughtful personnel reduction


President Lukashenko: Government staff optimization mustn’t result in unthoughtful personnel reduction

Optimization of government structure and elimination of duplicate functions. The effectiveness of the government staff was discussed at Belarus President’s meeting on March 17, 2017. Alexander Lukashenko had once again emphasized that optimization mustn’t result in unthoughtful personnel reduction. The prime question is about creating an effective governance model, which will facilitate the dynamic development of Belarus.

The first steps of government staff optimization were undertaken as far back as in 2013. The work needs to be continued. Meanwhile, attention should be paid to the quality of the entire management behavior.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of the Republic of Belarus:
Those who see reduction of personnel in the optimization of the government machinery are perceiving it wrongly. If we follow this way, there’ll be no big effect. Belarus needs to optimize the processes, and a bigger effect can be extracted out of this. One of the necessary conditions for increasing effectiveness of the state authority is constant improvement of the management system and its mechanisms. The success here must be reached not by numbers, but by efficiency. There is no need to enlarge the bureaucratic apparatus; instead it is necessary to form a compact structure and an effective management model. It needs to be done step by step. It is not a single act, connected to a specific number. Everything unnecessary must be notched of in one go, everything that propagates bureaucracy and is in the way of the dynamic development of Belarus. The main task in this situation is to relive the governmental bodies from duplicate and outlying functions, from the functions the apparatus and the governmental bodies shouldn’t fulfill in the first place. And the most important of the tasks is to cut the process of adopting management decisions. It is very common in Belarus, when a decision has already been made, including presidential decisions, then it needs to be formalized, in other words to commit it to some kind of a document (an executive order, a Decree, an official instruction or mandate). Nevertheless, it will take months before the issue takes the necessary form. No matter how much staff is reduced today, we have agreed, that there is hardly anything left to reduce in village councils or the districts. They’ll see for themselves, if there is one person, time and a half workers are not needed, they will be made redundant and salaries will be increased for the other employees, it is not against the law. There are about 80 people left there.

As a result of the meeting President Lukashenko instructed to improve the approach towards optimization by the end of 2017. The main task set for the governmental bodies is red tape reduction. Everything unnecessary must be notched off, everything that is in the way of effective work.