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Belarus' Prosecutor General on detention of protesters on March 15

The General Prosecutor's Office of Belarus considers legitimate the reaction to the flagrant violation of law on mass events. Alexander Konyuk has commented on the detention of persons protesting against Decree No3.

As was noted earlier by the Interior Ministry, all the detainees had grossly violated the law. Thus, Article 11 of the Law on Mass Events strictly forbids protesters to hide their faces under masks.

Police warned the protesters about the illegality of such actions but the requirements were ignored.

Alexander Konyuk, Prosecutor General of the Republic of Belarus:
If there is a law on mass events, if there is a procedure for the conduct of such events, and if a person violates the law, then as the prosecutor don't have any other choice but to take measures as did the Ministry of Interior.

Yesterday, the Ministry of Interior issued a video showing items seized during the arrest of protesters against Decree No3. Despite the fact that the march was declared as peaceful, the detained were carrying brass knuckles, balaclavas and gas canisters.

Belarus' Prosecutor General on detention of protesters against Decree No3