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Belarus could help Kazakhstan in third stage of modernization

Belarus could be useful for Kazakhstan in terms of the third stage of the republic's modernization, said the Belarusian Premier on March 16 meeting with Kazakh parliamentarians. 

Andrei Kobyakov stressed that Belarusian specialists have good experience in industries such as logistics, high technology, aerospace and mechanical engineering.

Andrei Kobyakov, Prime Minister of the Republic of Belarus:
We have good plans for the joint assembly of dump and municipal equipment based on MAZ technologies.

We have very good prospects for cooperation in the field of unmanned aerial vehicles.

We also have interaction in the space industry. So once again I emphasize: we have something to offer as part of a large-scale initiative of the President of Kazakhstan in the framework of the third modernization of Kazakhstan.

The third modernization of Kazakhstan includes five priorities.

In fact, it is a road map of Kazakhstan's development.

It is designed to promote the republic and raise it to the top 30 largest economies in the world.

Belarus could help Kazakhstan in third stage of modernization