Year of Science: Belarusian biochemistry developments

Year of Science: Belarusian biochemistry developments

Scientists are working on new inventions in the Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry of National Academy of Sciences of Belarus

The specialists have recently invented polymerase chain reaction kits to diagnose contagious diseases.

DNA diagnostics helps to define diseases and microorganisms in a human body.

The scientists made up a set of reagents to define DNA from bioprobes. Besides, radioimmune kits were invented to diagnose thyroid gland diseases, endocrine-metabolic processes and reproductive system diseases.

Microbiologists found out that genetic factors influence the effectiveness of 80% of all medicines.

The Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry has developed patterns of psychotropic medication prescriptions based on genetic data.

With the help of these patterns patients can receive the best treatment. Let’s hope Belarusian scientists will develop no less significant ways of treatment in biochemistry.