Hopes and dreams of young Belarusian ice hockey players


Hopes and dreams of young Belarusian ice hockey players

Sport helps children to develop healthy both physically and mentally. Belarus pays special attention to it. There is a great variety of different sport clubs, and among them are those teaching ice hockey.

The final games of the national hockey competition among children and teenagers Golden Puck were held in March 2017.

Eight teams from all over the country took part in the finals.

On the first day, the team of Vitebsk Region crushed the Minsk team Medvedi. The result shows that this sport is gaining popularity.

Spectators support teams ardently as they deserve this. Playing techniques, speed, and strength of the players are astonishing.

Pavel and Alexander are preparing for their first match. Sasha, as more experienced (he plays in the finals for the second time), gives his friend some advice. They are just 10 years old, but ice hockey became their passion. Unlike their peers, the boys prefer games in the real world, not in the digital one. They believe that sport helps them grow.

Rivalry on the ice of the Minsk Chyzhouka Arena is beyond all boundaries. Watching young players, you are getting surprised how they can do such things.

Every game is a history. And each history has its heroes.

The Golden Puck gives an opportunity to reveal these heroes, to see their potential and talent, and later develop it.

Dmitry Baskov, coach of the ice hockey team Griffony (Minsk):
A lot of people are interested in ice hockey these days. I think that in a couple of years, when these children get older, we can form youth and junior teams. And later even national teams.

Each team participates in three play-off matches before the finals. The Griffony team is among the favorites now. It managed to win all the games, though it was not that easy.

Ice skates and a stick are the best friends of young players. They love ice hockey, they breathe it like air and dare to dream about brilliant sporting career. 

The Golden Puck tournament is a stepping stone to professional career.