Alexander Lukashenko meets with Governor of Stavropol Krai

Alexander Lukashenko meets with Governor of Stavropol Krai

Belarus and Stavropol Krai are open to dialogue on innovative technologies and cooperative ties in industry and construction. 

The governor of this Russian region met with Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko at the Palace of Independence on March 16.

At the end of 2016, the mutual trade turnover exceeded $140 million and increased by 9% compared to 2015.

However, the potential for cooperation is much higher. According to the Belarus head of state, Stavropol Krai is one of the most promising economic partners of Belarus in the Russian Federation.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
We consider your visit as a desire to add to mutual trade and to launch new long-term projects in the sectors where our interests are the largest.

There is a need to develop cooperation ties in the industry, and we know your plans for the assembly of cars with Chinese and European companies. I think we need to think first and foremost about the establishment of joint ventures in Stavropol Krai and Belarus. In the future, I hope we will be able to set up joint ventures to produce machines and aggregates that you need. This, at least, will be cheaper. 

Machinery tends to break down and you have to repair it. Probably, the Belarusian machinery will be cheaper in this aspect too. We already know this from our experience of cooperation with western states.

We also offer turnkey design and construction services in Stavropol Krai.

We have this experience, starting from Petersburg and ending with Russian regions, where we received a piece of land and built facilities in line with turnkey contracts. In the context of improving the infrastructure of Mineralnye Vody, we could assist you with spa resorts: for example, you can use Belarusian building materials and decoration materials, furniture, household appliances... We could also send our specialists if we agree on the construction and decoration of a particular facility.

The delegation of Stavropol Krai has already visited a number of Belarusian companies. 

The Russian delegation is primarily interested in the purchase of Belarusian equipment, parts and components, passenger transport and leather products.

During the visit, the sides are going to sign agreements on trade-economic, scientific, technical and socio-cultural cooperation.