We will show western biases about Belarus are far-fetched, Alexander Lukashenko says


We will show western biases about Belarus are far-fetched, Alexander Lukashenko says

Belarus is committed to the basic principles of the OSCE, said President Alexander Lukashenko a meeting with OSCE Parliamentary Assembly president Christine Muttonen.

Yesterday, she had meetings with Belarusian MPs.

The parties signed an agreement on the 26th Annual Session of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly. It will be held in Minsk in July 2017.

The decision to hold the event in Minsk was passed unanimously.

According to forecasts, about 700 guests will arrive in Minsk. Alexander Lukashenko emphasized that Belarus would do everything possible to make this PA session the best in history.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
We thank you for the trust rendered to Belarus in terms of the session of the Parliamentary Assembly, and in terms of these events, this session; we really need to discuss many issues. I want to be honest with you and tell you openly that we will do everything so that this becomes the best PA session in history.

We want this to demonstrate that Belarus is committed to the fundamental principles of the Organization for Security and Co-operation. I don't mean window dressing, I mean our real contribution to before this parliamentary session and the fact that we already have today.

We will demonstrate this to the whole world, and above all to deputies, representatives of other countries that are part of this organization. We will show once again that those biases that exist in the West (especially existed) are far-fetched.

We will show that Belarus is a European country.

Human rights, the rule of law and democracy are no less significant here than in other European countries, including the European Union. You can be calm and confident in the fact that you have not taken a wrong decision by deciding to hold this event in Belarus.

Christine Muttonen, president of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly, member of the National Council of Austria:
We are honored to meet with you. We are very pleased that you have agreed to host the session of the Parliamentary Assembly. This event is very important for us. Yesterday we held productive discussions, and I am sure that everything necessary has been done and it will be done. I have no doubt that the session will be successful.

This is not the first day of Christine Muttonen in Belarus. However, she has already assured journalists that she wants to come here again. However,

Mrs Muttonen wants to take a closer look at Belarus even during this visit.

After the meeting with the head of state, Mrs Muttonen went to evaluate clothes made by Belarusian designers and Belarusian chocolate.