Hearing recovery operations performed in Brest

Hearing recovery operations performed in Brest

Complicated hearing recovery operations will now be done in regional hospitals. The first operation of middle ear implantation was carried out in Brest.

Minsk specialist Nikolai Greben supervised the operation. But in the future, local doctors will be able to perform such operations. For many patients this kind of operative treatment is the last chance, when passive treatment doesn’t give positive results.

Operations with prosthesis were only performed in Minsk not so long ago.

Nikolai Greben, Head Doctor of the Republican Scientific Center of Otorhinolaryngology:
This kind of operation is the only way out for some patients, when passive prosthesis of the middle ear doesn’t do them any good. Today’s patient has had six operations before. She had an implant set in her ear today.

The practice of hearing recovery operation was also adopted in Gomel and Grodno before. The system of implantation is not that cheap, and costs BYN 15,500. However, this kind of operation for Belarusians is absolutely for free.