Labor in Belarus needs good PR and marketing specialist

Labor in Belarus needs good PR and marketing specialist

Local authorities will help all the unemployed with finding a job. Such tasks were set for regional, district and city executive committees. However, Gomel region authorities are planning to do a lot more. Jobs will be advertised there. Local newspapers and radio stations will be involved; invitations to vacancy fairs will be brought to everyone’s homes.

No more than 7,000 unemployed aspire to 6,900 vacancies. It seems that there’s no problem/ Nevertheless, the labor market analysis shows that difficulties with getting a job are mostly common for low skilled personnel. Herein the employer needs highly qualified specialists.

This agricultural enterprise employed 15 people from the beginning of 2017. It wasn’t difficult to find milkmaids and farm machinery operators, but the vacancies of specialists have been open for quite some time now.

Natalia Luferenko, human resources officer of an agricultural enterprise in Buda-Koshelevsk district:
At the moment senior and medium skill specialists are needed. I mean a chief accountant, veterinarian manager, vets, zootechnician selectionist. I think that the salary is attractive. A chief specialist would earn BYN 900.

An accountant, who would earn BYN 900, can’t be found just five kilometers away from the district and 50 kilometers away from the regional centers. Job applicants demand service housing, when to rent a good house in a village would cost only about BYN 50 per month. It’s a conundrum, in a way.

At the same time specialists say that labor in Belarus needs a good PR and marketing specialist.

Alexander Simeonov, Deputy Chairman of Gomel region Labor, Employment and Social Protection Committee:
To activate this work we will use the long forgotten methods, I mean holding vacancy fairs for the unemployed.

It is planned that before May 1, 2017 every unemployed person, who wants to work, will be offered a vacancy. Examination committees will take up the job of advertising agents during the next couple of months.

Aleksei Mokharev, Deputy Chairman of Gomel Executive Committee:
First of all it’s the work of examination committees, which are led by chairpersons of village councils, people who work with the population on the spot, who do not only inspect their living conditions, but look at their job opportunities.

Today it is possible to create a big number of working places which do not require qualifications. Spring has always been the time of getting everything tided up, it’s time of accomplishments and sowing. Seasonal public works could become the point of engaging the unemployed. Of course, such work doesn’t promise high salaries, but it’s logical, that a loader or a guard cannot count on a doctor’s salary.