How Minsk horsecar museum was created

How Minsk horsecar museum was created

The creation of the Minsk Horsecar Museum exposition took five years. Here is why it took that long.

Lidia Markovich, leading researcher of the Minsk History Museum:
It was pretty hard to work on the exposition because we faced with absolutely unfamiliar objects like horsepower keeper because it’s been a hundred years since the horse-drawn trams disappeared.

We had to look for information and everything which would help create exhibits and its analogues.

Oleg Stepanyuk, CTV reporter:
It took you five years to implement the project. The laborious historical and research work has now been done. How many people were involved? What did you have to study? How much material was used?

Макет минской конки
Lidia Markovich:
Almost the whole museum worked on the exposition. All the objects went through the hands of researchers and restorers to give them a museum look.

Some objects were assembled almost piece by piece. Some parts needed to be restored.

As for the transport, there was no information about the size of it or even the clothes of people who served it. We needed to research on this matter too.

Служащий минской конки
Documents kept in Historical Archives were of great help.

There we’ve found a lot of useful information, for example, how the contract for the arrangement of the horse-drawn tram was concluded, how many horses and staff served it and so on.