Vladimir Makei: Eastern Partnership Initiative important for Belarus


Vladimir Makei: Eastern Partnership Initiative important for Belarus

Belarus remains a strong supporter of integration and offers the Minsk platform for integration processes in Central and Eastern Europe. This was said by the Foreign Minister of Belarus on March 15 in Minsk at a meeting with the heads of delegations of the countries of the Visegrad Group and the Eastern Partnership.

Vladimir Makei noted the special significance of today's dialogue. It is held for the first time and takes place on the eve of a meeting of foreign ministers in Warsaw. This allows all participants to express their views on the situation that is emerging today in the European region.

Vladimir Makei, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Belarus:
Traditionally, we are committed to self-identity and sustainable development between the main centers of power in Europe. Our geographic position has both pros and cons. In fact, we discussed it with my Polish counterpart. Each country of the Eastern Partnership and the Visegrad Group is in a certain environment, in certain situation.

We in Belarus feel it very clearly, because we are, I would say, between two fires. But we do not want to suffer in this situation, we want to survive and we want to develop our country.

So we think that is important for us to participate in the Eastern Partnership initiative, because we have a lot in common.

Visegrad Group and the project Eastern Partnership are integration associations. Both structures group states aspiring to self-determination and development, which is not easy enough in today's difficult situation.

In this regard, Vladimir Makei stressed the special need for joint work of the Visegrad Group and the Eastern Partnership Initiative. After all, these are also new opportunities for trade and inter-cultural dialogue.