OECD helping Belarus improve business climate

OECD helping Belarus improve business climate

Improving the business climate and the competitiveness of private enterprises. An expert review project to support small and medium-sized businesses was presented on March 15 in Minsk.

The reforms aiming to make life easier for entrepreneurs are included in the roadmap. The recommendations developed by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development are divided into nine blocks.

For example, one of the proposals is to improve services, which requires the private sector. That is, services of lawyers and accountants should be more affordable, but without loss of quality.

Piotr Arushanyants, Director of Entrepreneurship Department of the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Belarus:
Another very serious block is dialogue between government and business. Recommendations concern the work of the public advisory councils under the auspices of ministries, the work of the business development council and other organizations, which form relations between the state and entrepreneurs.

Bill Tompson, Head of the Eurasia Division, Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development:
We are pleased with the results of the project. Firstly, because there were positive assessments of other countries during the discussions in Paris in November. Secondly, because it is very encouraging to note that the government very seriously takes into account our proposals and is actively working with us to develop the next steps.

Reducing the burden on business is one of the priorities of economic policy in Belarus these days.

The implementation of the program is set to take about three years. However, the effectiveness of the project will be monitored. Some items, if necessary, may be adjusted.