Top manager, opera singer and mother: Roles of Belarusian women in today's society

Top manager, opera singer and mother: Roles of Belarusian women in today's society

We can give an award to almost every Belarusian woman - for mother labor, patience to men, for the unique ability to be gentle and exciting in the era of feminization, globalization and computerization... Our correspondent Evgeny Pustovoi about Belarusian women.

She began as a young agronomist and then her career gradually rose. Now Nina Zheleznova is at the peak.

Nina Zheleznova, director of the agricultural enterprise, member of the Council of the Republic of the Belarusian National Assembly:
The main height is to be a mother, a woman, a wife and a daughter. And after that to be a leader.

Only from the height of the Mound of Glory can you see all the achievements of this woman. The recipe is simple - love to farm as much as your family.

The Belarusian diva saw standing ovation in the halls of St. Petersburg, Palermo and Canary Islands. Oksana Volkova sang only for the elite of Moscow and Paris.

She was the first of Belarusians in the last hundred years who successfully debuted at the Metropolitan Opera House of the Big Apple.

And now she harvests the crops of her talent and labor at the Bolshoi Theater.

Oksana Volkova, opera singer:
A woman can do nothing, but if she shines with energy, all men are attracted and conquered and can do nothing about it.

In life she is like a mystery. At the theater, she is a palette of parts. From fatal lovers to brilliant playing in "The Queen of Spades" and the best role of Carmen. One can hardly forget this woman.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
I remember Oksana. She was in my residence. I thought she was shy, modest, quiet being such a star. But today I saw that she is the master of this hall. I sit and think: who am I here then? That's how you must influence our society.

Capable managers or creative talents. All of them are someone's children. This is what the President always says. Belarus is building its social policy on this very basis. As a result: there are more and more kids in Belarusian families. This women, Vera, "conducts" a quintet!

The Serdyuk family measures personal growth by the development of their kids.

Modern families are investing their time into money but Vera devotes all her life to children.

Vera Serdyuk, mother of many children:
Any woman will age. Any woman will lose her beauty. But the woman who gave birth to many children will be surrounded by beautiful daughters and beautiful grandchildren. She will understand where she invested her time.

Vera Serdyuk:
Now people do not give birth that much but not because it's hard, but because they do not see the point.

Let's hope that more and more mothers like Vera will appear! This means these women keep love for children and keep life.

Vera Serdyuk:
This is our own self-interest, because we want to fill the world with our offspring.

Vera Serdyuk:
You cut some parts of life for the sake of attention to children.

Oksana Volkova:
A woman should not become anything someone else wants her to become. If she wants something, she should strive to become such a person.

Nina Zheleznova:
There for female managers is coming. This is because demand for sensitive persons is growing.

Behind Nina Zheleznova there are five hundred people. Women's kindness and women's vision helps curb this male power and energy.

Belarus. Blue-eyed. Motherland. Earth. Like a woman and mother. In Russian, these words are of the same feminine gender. And these words are necessarily capitalized.