Belarusian MP: We are not yet ready for market economy

Belarusian MP: We are not yet ready for market economy

Deputy of the House of Representatives of the Belarusian National Assembly Valery Borodenya answered the questions about Decree No3 On Preventing Freeloading Practices. This legal act aims to engage able-bodied persons in labor and to ensure that they take part in the financing of public spending.

Valery, you took part in several panels where the cases of some people affected by the Decree were examined. In which situations can this legal act be executed? And why isn’t this document working properly?

Valery Borodenya:
I cannot say why it is not working properly. The idea of this Decree was right, in my opinion. We are just not ready yet to the new form of economy – market-oriented economy. When we apply this system, we will ask people, where they gain their income from or how they spend money if they do not earn it. 

However, some people begin to show their real income.

Everyone should understand that if we choose market-oriented economy, if we ease the control and give more freedom to businesses, entrepreneurs’ responsibility for their companies will grow.

People should live on equal terms. Many of them try to show that they participate in economy by consuming goods. But we all consume goods, and those who work officially also pay income and social security taxes. And the rest of people must be ready to present a financial disclosure.  

So, according to the Decree, who must pay a fee?

There are people who we can call spongers. They are 30-40 years old, live with their parents at their expense. They must pay a fee.

The most ridiculous in this situation is that parents of these people ask the government to exempt their children from the fee, because they are great helpers.  As for me, ‘30-year-old child’ sounds not really good.

At the meeting with the Belarusian President, it was pointed out that Decree No3 is not a financial, but rather an ideological document. How can you explain this?

When we created this document, we did not think about some profits it could bring. Moreover, the sum is rather small. We thought about grey economy, when people’s income sources are not clear.

If a person betrays the government, other people should inform a tax office, so that it would carry out an investigation.

But our nation is different. We do not have this western ideology.  

That is why the government searches other ways to get such persons.

Many people still do not understand that it is important to legitimate their legal status. They have some side or temporary jobs, and it is enough for them. But they do not think about their future.

The government can take upon itself expenses on pension benefits and others, and it will. Nevertheless, each person must understand that he or she has some obligations to the government.

If you earn money, you must account for it and pay taxes.