Prokopenya: Belarus will be among the first countries to support unmanned vehicles

Prokopenya: Belarus will be among the first countries to support unmanned vehicles

The IT sector in Belarus will receive further support from the state under the condition of honest and transparent business, said President Alexander Lukashenko while visiting companies successfully working in the field of high technologies in Minsk.

The head of state was presented a project of the so-called augmented reality. It is a unique application that allows you to recognize human emotions and accompany them with graphics.

Viktor Prokopenya, investor at EXP Capital, Banuba Development:
The technologies that we are making here can be used in medicine, advertising and security.

A small room, a dozen employees, computers - technological future is born in this seemingly unpretentious atmosphere. High-tech today, combined with successful startups means high incomes. A person can invest $100 million and earn $1 billion.

In the Eastern European region, Belarus has earned the reputation of one of the leading IT countries. Domestic programmers have long been known for their high quality work. However, they became famous in online games or chat programs relatively recently. IT pros insist on the improvement of Belarus' legislation. There are points on which the country does not keep up with the world.

Victor Prokopenya:
If a company earned money, took it to Belarus, it cannot pay anyone for ads anymore. It turns out that this company is forced to leave money abroad to pay for ads. So we are talking about changes to some laws.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
We will benefit from it. Thanks to this we will force others to get away from paperwork. It will be welcomed, we will thank you for it all.

Belarusian High-Tech Park it still to earn its first billion per year. But there are predictions that by 2020, this amount will be transferred to the budget by the High-Tech Park annually.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
Creating something he invests money, knowing that he will return the money and get profit. All right. But I need to think what the state will get from it. I have to think about what people get, how salary will change, what the state will receive and, most importantly, how it will push our country forward as a whole, whether it will make Belarus an IT country. That's good, but do not tell me what will happen tomorrow. Man lives today. And the whole complex of issues. When I start something this whole complex is in my head. And there is no single solution. I once created this IT park so don't hide anything, tell me about issues you face. Tell me what benefits the state will get, what benefits the people will get. You know that you can't joke with tax laws. We are dealing with these parasites now, but the main goal is to get people out of the shadows. Shadow economy is future criminal economy. I want to get people out of the shadows. I want you to understand is that, living in Belarus, it is necessary to build such a beautiful future Belarus, but not in a criminal way. Yes, the future is good but there should be honest and decent present.

Mikhail Gutseriev, investor:
For the state, these are jobs, salary and social taxes. Of course, these are small taxes. But to pay more taxes we need bigger production.

Belarus occupies leading positions in the region of Central and Eastern Europe by the volume of exports of computer and information services per capita. But today, it might have a second birthday.

Mikhail Gutseriev:
We found the full support of the head of state. The President instructed to create a development council under the President or the Belarusian government, or simply a council that will be particularly engaged in attracting investors to Belarus.

One of the ideas for improving the Belarusian legislation in the sphere of IT is to give green light to the development of unmanned vehicles.

Viktor Prokopenya:
I am very surprised by the package and by the Presidents readiness to support all of these changes and to support all the ideas that were announced today by me and Mr Mikhail Gutseriev. What shocked me is that when we suggested the idea of ​​unmanned vehicles, Mr Lukashenko not only supported the idea, but agreed to drive such a car when possible. I am glad to know that Belarus will be one of the first countries to support unmanned vehicles, and we will be able to see them on our roads in the near future.

Vsevolod Yanchevsky, Assistant to the President of the Republic of Belarus:
IT industry has always found support of the President and the state as a whole. And this support will not only be maintained, it will continue. Decisions will be made to allow venture capital funds to come to Belarus so that this product model can develop by leaps and bounds. We give a full green light to the development of IT industry, the development of high technologies, the arrival of foreign capital and know-hows, and local programmers, investors and entrepreneurs. In the coming weeks, government officials together with businessmen, investors, programmers and scientists will formulate together a serious set of proposals. It will be proposed to be signed by the head of state. I'm absolutely sure that the decisions will be taken by the President very quickly. It was rightly said today that Belarus is an IT country. Indeed, we are moving towards it. There are prerequisites for this. There are a lot of talented people, great ideas are born in our country. And here we can expect a breakthrough. Belarus will become a regional leader in Eastern Europe. I am sure. We will see this in the very near future.