Rail tracks for Minsk Horsecar Museum

Rail tracks for Minsk Horsecar Museum

How were the showpieces found for the Museum?

Oleg Stepanuk, CTV:
Did you have to ask for help from any experts in different spheres? In the sphere of fashion or transport?

Lidia Markovich, a leading researcher at the Museum of the History of Minsk:
We did cooperate with transport services. When the process of our work began, we asked tram services for help. Why? Because it is the closest of transports to horsecar. Actually, the first tram carriages resembled horsecar carriages. Trammers helped us a lot.

In fact, they gave us one rail track, which was a horsecar one.

Another rail track we dug up in Zaparozhskaya Street. It was used as a crossbar for the washing line to be tied to. Nevertheless, we decided that this rail track would be more useful for the Museum. There was another rail truck we found when looking through the archeological findings. It was by chance. Builders were going to dump it away, but it came in handy for us.

These rail tracks were made at the Demidov steelworks.

It was them who addressed the archivists, because they were asking for an exposition, which has not been fulfilled. A historical note and a list of necessary documents on Minsk horsecar history.

Rail tracks for Minsk Horsecar Museum