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Minsk horsecar museum: See restored uniform of check taker

Uniform of Minsk horsecar check taker restored
Uniform of Minsk horsecar check taker restored

How were showpieces made for the new museum in Minsk?

Oleg Stepanuk, CTV:
To know what the events were and to reconstruct them are two completely different things. What problems did you come across?

Lidia Markovich, a leading researcher at the Museum of the History of Minsk:
You are saying the right things. We thought that everything was clear to us according to the documents. But when it came to realization, model makers and artists sometimes asked catchy questions, because they had difficulties with choosing the right color for the showpiece. We came to a conclusion that the uniform of a horsecar conductor was dark navy. However, the dark navy color of the early 20th century and the dark navy of the early 21st century are completely different colors. They have a significant difference in the color grade.

The color of the previous century is closer to stone grey or blue black.

The modern color is truly dark navy, it is completely different. Some other questions occurred when remaking the uniform. What should the latches look like? Or what should the vent be like? Should it be on the uniform at all? How should these stitches be done? We even had to study Imperial orders in order to make the right uniform. There were sketches and they had to be confirmed. We tried to find analogues to the uniforms details. Since a horsecar check taker was a civil servant, he had to wear a uniform. There was an everyday and celebratory uniforms. It is quite difficult to understand which one is which.

There were summer and winter uniforms as well.

Moreover, we came across such a detail that the buttons on men’s uniforms were done up either to the left or the right side, it all depended on the situation. One of the buffets had to be decorated with a coach lace, a beautiful decorative ribbon.

Uniform of Minsk horsecar check taker restored