New child health service center opens in Minsk

New child health service center opens in Minsk

 A new child health service center with a salt therapy room, four swimming pools and new medical equipment was opened in Minsk microdistrict of Brilevichi. As many as 14,000 little patients are planned to be treated here.

The new health service center is scaled to have as many as 350 appointments in one working shift. Literally, the modern building was built in a four year period. There are two pediatric departments, a dental department, a diagnostic laboratory, a hall for therapeutic exercises and a phyto bar.

Andrei Shorets, Chairman of Minsk City Executive Committee:
The new child health service center is needed, the microdistrict doesn’t stop growing. As many as 14,000 little Minsk residents will be treated here, it means a lot. The metro is nearby. I think that it will let the microdistrict develop, and it will let people receive high quality medical service.

Besides subject matter specialists, the center has a swimming complex, four swimming pools for patients of different ages.

This is a salt therapy room. Patients with breathing problems will be treated here. Up to ten children in one go can be in this room. A session lasts for 25 minutes.

No one will have to queue in the center from the very early morning. There is an electronic queue for the people’s convenience. What is more, an appointment to see a doctor can be made through the internet. All in all the medical equipment in the center is modern. That’s why a common use center is planned to be set up here, which means that resident of other Minsk microdistricts will be able to make an appointment here.

Anna Kotova, chief doctor of Minsk child health service care center No. 6:
Considering our opportunities, the areas, equipment, we will be trying to work in this direction in order to understand what kind of medicine needs developing, what things should be emphasized.

It is also planned that other microdistricts in Minsk will be provided with medical services within walking distance. This is foreseen by the five year health service development program. For instance, new health centers will be built in microdistricts of Loshitsa, Sukharevo, Vostok. The project is being developed now.