Belarus to continue to support IT sector, President says

Belarus to continue to support IT sector, President says

Belarus will continue to support the IT sector but the companies involved conduct fair and transparent business, said Belarus President on March 13 visiting companies in Minsk that are working in the field of high technologies.

One of them is engaged in a unique project in the field of augmented reality and artificial intelligence. This is a mobile application that allows users all over the world to communicate with the use of visual effects.

Belarus is ready to create all conditions, including in the field of legislation, for the development of high technologies.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
Creating something he invests money, knowing that he will return the money and get profit. All right. But I need to think what the state will get from it. I have to think about what people get, how salary will change, what the state will receive and, most importantly, how it will push up our country as a whole, whether it will make Belarus an IT country. That's good, but do not tell me what will happen tomorrow. Man lives today. I want you to understand is that, living in Belarus, it is necessary to build such a beautiful future of Belarus, but not in a criminal way. Yes, the future is good but there should be honest and decent present. And you get it all. You will receive everything we will agree upon if you act in according to legislation.

In 2016, revenues of this company alone amounted to just over $1.5 million. Labour productivity here is four times more than in the entire Hi-Tech Park.