Social aspects: Belarusian government's plans for 2017

Social aspects: Belarusian government's plans for 2017

During the meeting on March 10, 2017 Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko got back to Decree № 3. The list of real dependants will be compiled by October 1, 2017. Their payments will go  towards the support of children only. This demand was put forward by Alexander Lukashenko during a meeting with civil servants on the 9th of March. The social sphere in Belarus is prioritized.

As many as BYN 1820 million went towards these purposes (it is practically every tenth budgetary ruble) in 2017 alone.

What is more, the most demanding spheres are health service and education.

Alexander Gnevko, resident of urban-type settlement Beshenkovichi:
As they say, going to the theatre begins with a hanger; going to the dentist begins with a leather sofa. You start feeling a lot calmer before entering the doctor’s room.

Now there are more reasons for Beshenkovichi residents to smile. You do not have to go to the regional center for an appointment with a dentist any more. The comfort and the equipment in the dental department are just like in a modern clinic.

Alexander Gnevko:
The conditions are very good. I think that all patients would agree with me, that it feels very convenient there.

Beshenkovichi had a dental department in the hospital since the beginning of the 1990’s, but the equipment got too old. And people had to go to Vitebsk for an appointment with a dentist.

Now the department has modern equipment, there is even a dental operating room.

Olga Yevseenko, head of dental department, Beshenkovichi Central District Hospital:
About BYN 300,000 were given for the reconstruction of the dental department. Another BYN 200,000 is to be given and new medical equipment will be bought in April. Our patients can get full dental aid in comfortable conditions.

As many as BYN 230 million went towards building new medical establishments in 2016.

Dozens of millions were spent on buying unique diagnostic equipment. Another prioritized expenditure item is childcare. It costs about BYN 5 million to build a kindergarten. As many as 12 kindergartens were built in 2016 in Belarus. Among them is this kindergarten in Kamennaya Gorka (metro station and an area in Minsk). Before Svetlana had to take her daughter to take to a kindergarten that was quite a while away.

Svetlana Sharaya:
The nursery teachers are very good; there is a swimming pool and many project groups are there.

The kindergarten has everything for children’s development. There is even a playground where traffic regulations can be learnt.

Olga Davydyuk, head of kindergarten №285:
Everything offered in the kindergarten for children is for free.

By the way, expenditures on education in Belarus amount to 5% of the Belarusian GDP.

The largest new school in Gomel is a real cultural and sports center for the entire microdistrict. Even adults of this area come to the swimming pool and the gym. There are as many as 38 different classes to bring children’s talent to light. There are even special ice hockey classes. Integrated education is a unique possibility.

The barrier-free environment lets special needs children attend these classes.

Olga Ranko, Gomel resident:
The school is very modern; it has all the necessary wheelchair ramps. It is easy for children to get in and out of the building. For my child it is very important.

Igor Savitskiy, headmaster of Gomel school №72:
It isn’t just an educational establishment; it is a sociocultural center of the area. District, regional, republican and even international events are held here. The school is the center of our microdistrict, where everyone can find something that he enjoys most of all.

Vladislav Tretyakov, student of Gomel school №72:
The education here is the most innovational; the school has the most modern equipment in the entire city. There are many interesting workshops and sports sections here. It is the biggest school in Gomel.