Amendments to Decree №3: who will be referred to as dependant?

Amendments to Decree №3: who will be referred to as dependant?

Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko criticized the progress of the implementation of Decree №3 (Decree “On prevention of social dependency”) on March 10, 2017. Alexander Lukashenko demanded to file down the legislative machine to the last detail.

Every car owner knows that a new car has to go through several stages of exploitation. First of all is test drive, when all the pluses and minuses are seen. At the moment the legislative machine is in the stage of a test drive.

Decree №3 came into force in spring of 2015, but it is still being amended.

The period of time during which a person had to pay the tax has been changed. If a person doesn’t work in 2017, than the tax will have to be paid in 2018. This is not the only amendment made in favor of the unemployed.

Alexander Lutsevich, Head of the Regional Development Department at the Academy of Public Administration under the aegis of the President of the Republic of Belarus:
There is a certain group of people who are comfortable with living such a life. In practice, it is beneficial for them not to work. Now they are given a chance to find a job in one year.

So who will be referred to as dependant then? After all a lot of people were unsatisfied with the previous version of the Decree, due to the fact that a lot of them were included into the list of dependants unduly. This issue will be decided on in district administrations.

The new lists of the unemployed are due by the end of March, 2017.

Nikolai Shchekin, Director of the Politics and Economic Sociology Department, National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Belarus:
A lot of people weren’t able to work for objective reasons. We needed to think this mechanism over in more detail, which will be done in the current year.

Decree №3 is more about the social sphere, rather than economics.

Every Belarusian must contribute his racking contribution to the state treasury. This contribution will go the needs of schools, hospitals and children’s homes.

Georgy Grits, Deputy Director of the Center of System Analysis and Strategic Studies, National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Belarus:
In order to work out such mechanisms orientated at social dependency, I suppose, time should be taken. So that people understand that the government is not distancing itself, but sympathizes with the country. This is where everything paused. This money won’t stay in the state budget, but it will be spent on the most vulnerable groups.

Of course, not all of the situations can be looked at in minute detail,

that’s why the chief demand of the updated decree is to put yourself in those people’s shoes, who received a letter from the tax agency.

Every case should be looked at specifically.

When the changes are made to the Decree, it will be perceived in a completely different way. Only the guilty people will pay the tax, rather than those, for instance, who served in the Police or the Armed Forces for 40 years.

I work and I earn money for myself. So why should I pay for some woman who just sits at home? I am not ready to pay.

The Decree has been sent for improvement, but it is still not the end. Civil servant of all levels, from local executive committees to deputies of the National Assembly, will join the discussion.

The most important thing is to find those who really don’t want to work or work according to the shady scheme.